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Rachel Miller Facebook for Virtual Assistants

Lessons from a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant who actually does the work:

If you follow me on Facebook, you already know how excited I was about this. Because I booked Rachel Miller, of Moolah Marketer, to do an interview inside my Facebook group for digital media marketing! Talk about fan girling – Rachel is the guru of Facebook marketing strategies! She is my go-to person to follow for all things FB for all of my clients. Her course has helped me work with my own clients to explode their FB pages. And it was so awesome to chat with her and get some of her tips and suggestions for Facebook marketing for digital media VAs!

Interview with Rachel Miller Facebook Marketing for Digital Media VAs by Emily Reagan PR

Rachel’s Miller’s Story: From VA to Master of Facebook Marketing

Did you know that Rachel started out as a VA?!

Well, she actually started as a teacher, like so many of our successful VA students. But when she found herself having two babies, back-to-back, she knew she needed to pivot her plans.

Because she realized that having a conventional job in a school just wasn’t going to work for her. Life was just too busy and her childcare expenses would have been through the roof with two little ones.

Well, now she has six kids – one of them a set of triplets! – and working online has been a lifesaver for her.

Because when she became a stay-at-home mom to two under the age of two, knew she still needed to work to stay sane. She’s motivated, and an extrovert, and super smart. And she knew she still needed some way to use her brain and connect with other adults.

She looked for a work-from-home opportunity and got a gig as a content writer. She had her foot in the door, but wanted something more. So she also started blogging and doing support for blog companies. She was wearing so many hats – a unicorn before she knew what a unicorn was!

And she didn’t stop there…

“In my little time that I had, I was building my own business…and that’s where I got to make an impact.”

– Rachel, who started working from home as a mom with two small kids

Like so many of our VA student success stories, Rachel was motivated. She was a go-getter who wasn’t afraid to jump in and look for the next opportunity. Even as she was helping clients, she was focused on her own growth and freelance business. She was building her foundation of digital media marketing knowledge and experience. And she used that foundation to build her own success.

Whether you’re a VA or a business owner, you can’t skip the work. You have to build the foundation. Like she told us, “I didn’t start teaching Facebook until I had done it not once, not twice, but six times…to smashing success… start a business with just one single success…until you’ve systematized it, you need to build your own experience.”

Facebook marketing tips for Digital Media VAs with Rachel Miller of Moolah Marketer and Emily Reagan PR

And she listened to her audience. Rachel never intended to focus on teaching Facebook marketing strategies. But her audience made it clear that’s what they needed. And because she had the tools and the success, people were asking her to teach them.

Which sounds familiar! I didn’t start out with a goal of teaching others. I started out playing on Pinterest for a client to make a little extra money to pay for my kids’ afterschool lessons. I didn’t even know what a VA was! But I was scrappy and eager to learn, and soon had more VA clients than I could serve. So I created my Virtual Assistant Crash Course to help wanna-be VAs learn how to do what I can do and help all these business owners!

One of Rachel’s gold info nuggets that she dropped: systemize and batch the work!

Rachel’s success is all about the processes. Whenever you’re doing something, make a system of how you’re doing it. Put yourselves in a spot to make SOPs for everything you do and encourage your clients to do the same!

Kick out that overwhelm by creating a process and batching your tasks. Because you can do that same process over and over again for clients and make it so much easier on yourself. And you’ll have a roadmap to tweak until you’ve found how to guarantee success.

And that’s why being the unicorn VA is the best path you could take…

Even though Rachel has a niche with Facebook marketing, she still falls back on her unicorn background. Know that saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket?” It’s true with an online biz, too!

Rachel splits her time and energy between three different revenue streams that support her family. So even though she’s working for herself, she has that stability. It’s reassuring to know that her income options are still there even if one area falls flat.

So If you’re a VA, if you’re a unicorn, you’ve got it! Tap into your work experience and background and build your business with different types of work. Even as you’re helping clients, use your marketing knowledge to make your own business work and grow for you, too. Just like Sarah did with day rates!

“It was super beneficial to me to get that foundation set up, and I understand the mindset now!”

– Rachel, on her background as a unicorn digital marketing assistant

Rachel also spilled the insider details of what her own team looks like behind the scenes…

I’ve said it over and over again, and I’ll say it again. All these successful online business owners have a team of unicorns working with them each day. They aren’t doing it alone!

And Rachel Miller is no exception. I know we ALL want to know what her team looks like. And how they create magic behind the scenes.

She does like to be hands-on, because she has her systems in place. She’s also a self-proclaimed control freak. Her content needs to be authentic and on-brand. And she’s created banks of content with years of material to tap into. But she still needs help.

And so she gave us an inside look at her team and how they work together. Her own unicorns include everything from her “brain” to her executive assistant and her techie gurus. And in true Rachel style, she explained it all with her signature visual aid!

Check out all the details in the full video, including how she secretly tests the applicants who want to join her team. First make sure you’re a member of my free FB group for unicorn virtual assistants, then watch as Rachel explains:

Rachel Miller's VA Team Behind the Scenes with Emily Reagan PR

Plus Rachel Miller’s top tips for Facebook marketing for digital media VA’s:

In the video, Rachel shows her proven system of repeating four basic types of posts for Facebook (or IG, or Linked In, or whatever). She calls it creating your “stack of pancakes” for content. And it basically uses Facebook’s algorithm to your advantage with any size page, whether you’re brand new or jumping onto a client’s FB page with a huge following.

Part of her magic? Don’t promote yourself all the time. Only promote yourself 1 out of every 4 posts! And for a small page, spread out the posts. Only do 1-2 posts a day, and work up to 4+ posts a day as your grow.

And of course, she has specific goals for engagement for each post. Ideally, you want to see 10% engagement with a resume-type page, and 20% with a “bumper sticker” lifestyle page. And she has seen students of her Moolah course explode way past those goals!

Like I always say, Facebook is a marketing monster that needs to be fed constantly. But also intentionally and with some strategy in mind. And that can be hard for online business owners to keep up with. Which is exactly whey they need a unicorn on their team to help feed their social media and boost that all important social media engagement!

The Takeaway: Start by becoming a unicorn and you’ll pave your own path to success.

If you’re here, you’re probably curious about starting your own journey of working remotely. You’re wondering if maybe this is all a big scam. Or you’re stuck in the struggle and the overwhelm of finding clients and building your business to get to where you need to be.

Guess what – we’ve all been there. Rachel Miller didn’t wake up one day and have people beating on her door, waiting to throw money at her. She hustled, and worked, and put in the time to learn her stuff and build her toolkit. She invested the time to understand the big picture, and put herself out there as a unicorn who started doing it all.

And now she’s known as the queen of Facebook virals. All while working from home and being a mom to six young kids! She’s not special, and she didn’t have a magic key to success. But she was ready to take the initiative, be a go-getter, and do what she needed to do.

So if you’re ready to take on the challenge and level up your own FB marketing game, make sure you’re in her free Facebook group. Take a look at her in-depth FB marketing course and see if it might help you boost your clients’ success like it did for me. If you’re ready to dive into more Facebook marketing as a VA, Rachel’s got all the tips and tricks you need.

“You need work for YOU. Own it. This is what you’re doing for you!”

– Rachel Miller

But maybe you need to build your foundation and get the unicorn skills to do EVERYTHING your client needs…

Because Rachel’s success on Facebook didn’t come until she had established herself as a unicorn. She already knew the marketing pieces and had the online work experience. You need that foundation and box of tools. And that’s why I started my own VA Crash Course.

When I started working as a VA, I did it all by myself. And it worked out, but it took me years to build my client base. Now, looking back, I wish that I could have skipped all of that stress and overwhelm and jumped right into the online space.

And after talking to so many other virtual assistants and digital media marketers who felt the same, I knew I needed to help people find a way to fast track their skills. To be ready to work in weeks, not years.

Get all of Rachel Miller’s Facebook tips for digital media VAs inside the full video:

Make sure you’re a member of my free facebook group for digital media marketing and virtual assistants. Then go here and watch the whole video interview I did with Rachel. She’s got great info that you need to know if you want to make your Facebook page go viral!

Rachel Miller Moolah Marketer Facebook Tips for Digital Media VAs with Emily Reagan PR

Keep smiling – you’ve got this!

-Emily, Digital Marketing Consultant and Implementer

Emily Reagan is a mom of four, milspouse, freelance digital marketer and Virtual Assistant coach who has helped 400 go-getters, including military spouses, stay-at-home moms, and professional women learn in-demand skills and find flexible remote work as digital marketing assistants and specialists. She’s shared 2,000+ job leads with her freelance marketers & VA community.

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