3 Terms to Know as a Digital Media Virtual Assistant

Three Trending Terms Every VA Should Know by Emily Reagan PR

Lessons from a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant who does the work:

This is a quickie article for the self-starters. I wish I had learned about these “terms to know” 6 years ago when I started taking my digital marketing side hustle seriously.

Why are these essential? Clients want a virtual assistant who is a true business partner, not just an admin. Someone who looks at the big picture. These should all be part of your basic strategy plan that you can offer them. And these just aren’t things that you learn in traditional college courses or careers. You really learn them by working online with clients and taking digital media marketing courses like mine.

If anything, these “terms to know” provide clarity on what my clients are trying to do. Use them in your client interviews and you will look like a rockstar VA. And then they will help you become instrumental to your client as a digital media marketing specialist, which will grow that trust. You will see the benefits when your own business and networking opportunities begin to skyrocket.

So what are they??

Content Marketing for VAs by Emily Reagan PR

Content Marketing

We all know the basic idea of marketing. But “content marketing” is a big thing right now. It’s basically delivering helpful information online to your targeted audience. For example – blog posts, podcasts, social media posts like an infographic on Instagram or a Facebook live video, etc. Ideally, it’s a combination of several of these.

Creating and marketing that content will help your client build a relationship with their audience and build loyal fans. Those fans are more likely to sign up for their email marketing list, engage on their platforms, and ultimately purchase their products and share their business with their friends and family.

Sharing new content should be something your client does often and consistently. This is a perfect area for VAs! Even if a client isn’t sure what type of content they could offer, you can help them brainstorm, plan and create new information. (Need help? Take a look at my blog post about getting 8 different posts from a single content idea). You’ll be able to take their existing products and creative ideas, and channel them into content marketing for their brand.

KLT Know Like Trust for VAs by Emily Reagan PR


Aka the Know Like & Trust Factor. This is a big reason that we do so much of what we do (like the content marketing I just mentioned). Your client needs to build fans that know them, like them, and trust them. People are more willing to buy (and keep buying!) from businesses that they know, like, and trust. The KLT factor.

Even as you’re building your own VA business, you need to get personal and let potential clients get to know you as a real person. Let them put a face to your business name or website. Share yourself and don’t be afraid to be real. Then give your clients the same advice!

Batch Editing Terms for VAs by Emily Reagan PR

Batch Editing

Batch editing just means that your client can sit down and knock out a big chunk of their work in one big session. For example – they schedule an afternoon to write a full month’s worth of blog posts all at once. Or use a quiet weekend to knock out all of the content they need for an entire 12-month membership course.

Clients love when they can schedule a block of time to accomplish all of their related tasks at once, and then forget about it for several weeks (or months!). They need someone to take the daily tasks off their plate so they can then focus on their products and sales.

As their valuable VA, you can make this happen. Create a schedule and draft a plan for their content and tasks. Then they can pass their work onto you, and you can do your digital media magic. Edit it, create graphics, make it pretty, and get it scheduled and posted in all the right places online.

The Takeaway

If you’re familiar with these “terms to know” for virtual assistants, you’ll be a step ahead of offering your clients what they need right now. They’re essential for successful online businesses, and you can use them for your own virtual assistant business, too.

Now, if you have extra time or maybe you’re just more of a listener, take a look at this video about the three “terms to know” that I posted inside my free Facebook group. And as a bonus, you’ll hear my answer to my #1 question about where to find new clients….

Click here to watch the 20-minute video.

3 Terms You Should Know as a VA

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How to Work Online Masterclass as a VA by Emily Reagan PR

Get ready to rock your next client interview!

-Emily, Digital Media Consultant (and Virtual Assistant …)


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