They act like being a generalist is a bad thing

I don’t get it.

Every online business owner who comes my way is searching for a dream teammate who can fill as many hats as possible.⁠

Solopreneurs need a jill-of-all-trades for that first hire when they’re getting things going.⁠

They just need it taken care of… off their plate and finished.⁠

They need help with a mix of work with online marketing, admin and client experience.⁠

They need an implementer.⁠

A hybrid.

Not just a VA.

A unicorn.

I’m the mother of all unicorns virtual assistants. I can blend the techie stuff with the online business marketing strategies AND public relations and actually get your business moving.

If you stumbled on my page, someone probably told you about me and that is an excellent thing because I have done very little to promote myself … because for the last 10 years I have been behind the scenes promoting my clients. 

They act like being a generalist is a bad thing

My 'resume' weakness turned me into a superpower

I was told NOT to say this on my about page but I feel that it’s important. I am a military spouse. I’ve moved 11 times in 19 years so I have had a gazillion jobs related to marketing, public relations, news and digital media. I used to feel embarrassed at how unfocused and all-over-the-place my resume looked with all these job changes.

Do I look flighty, disloyal or like I can’t keep a job?

Do I look like I have no ambition?

No! Absolutely not.

I am adaptable. I’m a quick learner. I have the confidence to figure sh*t out. I have had countless work experiences that have helped me translate tasks and knowledge into the online business world to make me a powerhouse behind the scenes for my clients.

These random jobs (even logging video for HGTV or working the TV news assignment desk) are paying off in the online space with how I can help my clients see the big picture, monetize their talents, build their funnels and make them money.

In this glorious digital economy, I don’t have to pick up and move. I keep my clients and my job. Plus I get to combine my journalism & electronic media education and my public relations experience. I can be a hybrid of the work I love and not stuck to one thing or one service.

I am a unicorn with the sparkliest of sparkles.

Wanna work with me?

I have the technical vision + business strategy + to help you get your business online and scale it.

Here’s 3 ways we could work together:

If you found me because you heard about this "VA" opportunity...

This is the right place. I teach digital marketing strategies and tech skills to smart women who want to be hired as a Unicorn VA… someone who can do everything and be willing to learn. Not just an admin VA.

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