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Facebook Content Posts VA Without Client by Emily Reagan PR

In the VA world, you never know what your client relationships will be like. In an ideal world you would communicate and collaborate each week, working together to create new content and material throughout the process. But what happens when your client hires you to manage their Facebook posts, and then you’re left entirely on your own?

If a client wants to hire you to help with social media, you’d better do it! I mean actually do it. I’ve seen this happen where the client is all excited to start and then they disappear. As in they don’t want to be involved … like AT ALL. Then the hard part is pulling content out of them and getting them to send their ideas and business happenings.

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Making It Work For Your Client

Note: it’s probably not going to be a stellar client for the long-term if they don’t care at all about their Facebook content. Because we know that social media success is all about building that KLT factor and growing personal relationships. Which is kind of hard when the client has distanced themselves from their own account.

But, keep in mind that not caring is different than delegating. There are plenty of situations where the clients expect their social media virtual assistants to be their content genius and just know what’s working and what to do. They are looking to you as the expert!

My very first long-time client was terrible about telling me the things he was working on. I didn’t get fresh photos or content. I wish I would have known then what I know now. Then I would have been able to make up for those dark periods of no communication so I could still keep his Facebook schedule full. I also wish I would have just had the confidence to do it!

Posting New Facebook Content When You Have None

Here are some ideas of different Facebook posts you could do without involving your client…. at all. These can help keep your clients’ social media accounts active, with growing engagement, even if you’re winging it on your own.

So the next time you’re struggling to schedule those facebook posts without any new content from your client, try these:

Facebook Post Ideas:

  1. Recycle a hit. Find a high-engagement post from the past … the year or season before. Reuse it as a #TBT. Better yet, update & rewrite it. Or even better, come up with something new that is VERY SIMILAR using the same basic material.
  2. Quote them. Listen to a recent video/podcast/fb live that your client has created. Pull out quotes and design a “quote block” aka inspiration quote/meme. Attribute and watermark.
  3. Highlight a product. Find a sneaky way to promote a product. Pick a product for sale and find a specific benefit of it to highlight that isn’t obvious. Really niche down. 
  4. Engage with a question. Ask an engaging question to followers. An open-ended question that will get responses and opinions. But don’t make it an obvious engagement bait question. 
  5. Share a viral. Find something in their niche that’s going viral on a related page. The algorithm likes viral videos and posts that get even more shares.
  6. Steal from a competitor. Ok I don’t mean that literally, but look at your client’s “pages to watch” in the Insights and see what content is doing exceptionally well. Find a way to make something similar for your client.
  7. Trend with a topic. Facebook also likes current events and trending searches. Find popular content that is related to your niche, and tie it to your client, especially if it’s surprising and gets a reaction.
  8. Repeat the WHY. Broadcast your client’s “why” statement. It’s a powerful tactic in marketing, for good reason. Usually you can find something on your client’s “about” page that you can repurpose as fresh content. Plus clients often hate promoting themselves, or sharing their own photos, so you do it for them!
  9. Revive an old post. Dig through old content to find an blog post with a photo and tiny tip/fact/ statement that’s interesting, fun or unusual. Post it with a photo that has never been seen before.
  10. Enlighten with a FAQ. Look in your client’s inbox (with permission) and look for regular questions that seem to keep turning up. Take them and turn them into a post (or several posts!). You could tackle this several different ways.


Has your client ever appeared on media or a podcast? Revive it! You could repost the content with a new angle, pulling out an interesting tidbit that people may have not caught the first time. Bonus points if you can make it a video clip soundbite. You could also share their most popular pin on Pinterest or Instagram post.

The Takeaway for VAs Who Post on Facebook:

Just run with it, my unicorn VAs! You can easily do it. Of course if your client is talking to you, sharing what they’re working on and wanting to promote, it’s a thousand times easier. But that doesn’t always happen. And it’s nice to know the pressure is off them and you’ll still be able to handle it.

In the long run, you may just decide that it isn’t working out with that client and you’ll move on to other clients who are more responsive. On the other hand, you might also help an overwhelmed client build a successful business that they couldn’t do on their own. And being indispensable to a grateful client is the perfect way to grow your own success as a digital media virtual assistant!

The key is your confidence and ability to make Facebook posts happen.. and sometimes out of nowhere!

Taking the Next Step to Success

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Or maybe you’re still waiting to jumpstart a new career as a VA, and are feeling overwhelmed. You’re unsure where to even begin, or maybe you’re doubting that you can even do this. (Spoiler: you can.)

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Go get those facebook posts scheduled!

-Emily, Digital Media Consultant (and Virtual Assistant …)

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