Become the freelance Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant who every online business owner wants to work with!

Become the Unicorn Virtual Assistant that every online business owner wants to hire!

Learn the in-demand online marketing tech skills and strategies that will land you the clients & the
freelance work >>> Get the FREEBIE!

Don’t let the booming remote-work possibilities pass you by.

Have you wondered how to get your foot in the door as a social media manager, content creator or digital marketer?

Do you have any idea what you should do with your unique talent and job experiences and what services to offer online business owners?

Are you nervous that you might have giant gaps in your digital marketing knowledge and you may not be hireable?

Do you need a network to help refer you and connect you to clients and other contractors?

Most freelancers struggle with these same issues.

I’m here to help you fast track your learning, get your freelance business going and get you hired as a freelance digital marketing assistant.

Tech Skills




Hi, I'm Emily!

After freelancing for 13 years, I’ve noticed six common traits among freelance marketing assistants and specialists who are successful and turning down clients.

… And if you already have skills in your neon fanny pack, and you’ve had some success in your career, but it’s not just enough to give you the income freedom you want. I can help.

You don't need more skills. You need me.

I’m not saying this to be pompous. The fact is, I need you too. Because my network NEEDS good DMAs and VAs. With the world going virtual, my inbox is literally bursting with great clients looking for online marketing assistants, specialists and managers:

All the things bigger, better and more established clients need and just don’t have the time to do. But they can’t find the right people who have the right skills.

They want someone who gets it and who can take any one of those tasks and run without being micro-managed. (Which doesn’t seem like it would be hard to find this magical person, but yet it is.)

Note: these aren’t entry-level tasks, if you are looking for transcription, call-center, Upwork and invoicing jobs, I’m sorry but this isn’t for you.

Close your eyes and imagine...

The FREEDOM to work from anywhere, whether you work from home, take your work with you when you travel, and not be stuck in a soul-sucking cubicle or a daily commute.

The FREEDOM of being your own boss, so you never have to be told what to work on and when to work. Decide who you work with and what you work on, how much you charge.

The FREEDOM of setting your own schedule and being able to take a holiday, attend your children’s school field trip without asking for permission, working through naps or after bedtime, and NOT feeling guilty.

Doing work you actually love, stimulating your brain with a variety of digital media tasks that are anything but remedial, and honing in on your unique talents inside your Desire Zone.

Unlimited earning potential so that you can replace your full-time job or enjoy a nice side hustle that gives you financial independence.

Learning from a qualified, experienced mentor, who can help you by speeding up your online know-how without the guesswork, creating instant professional networks and guiding you through the freelance work path.

I’ve helped 350+ students just like you learn digital marketing, social media and online business tactics that make them any solopreneur’s “dream team” first hire.

Unicorns Unite with Emily Reagan = Podcast for VAs and DMAs

Podcast for Freelance Marketers & Virtual Assistants

Unicorns Unite

You care about your clients’s business and the quality of your services, and you want to be the best. (And finally get to the freelancer’s holy land of charging premium rates with services in your zone of genius and only working with dreamy clients — where visions, roles and impact are all aligned).

I’m here for your dreams.

On my podcast, I share marketing tips and strategies, mindset, encouragement, best practices and stories of how our fellow freelancers are doing the client work so you can bring it back to your business and build a life on your own terms.

Unicorns Unite is for the digitally curious, smart go-getters, virtual assistants, and freelancers who want to work the freedom and flexibility of working from home as a higher-paid marketing assistant.



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