Diving Into a New Career as A Successful VA

Diving In VA Crash Course Graduate Success by Emily Reagan PR

One of the best things about starting my Digital Media VA Crash Course is seeing my graduates become successful virtual assistants. I know from my own personal experience how much this digital media business can change lives. But it is pretty awesome to witness it with other go-getting women, too!

And here’s another one of my student’s success stories that I wanted to share with you.

This is Allison Riesgaard. She’s a military spouse just like me, and just like another one of our successful graduate success stories, Tabitha. She’s a busy stay-at-home mom with 2 teenagers. And before taking my course, she was a healthcare aide and worked in respite care before moving to Spokane, Washington. Now she is a successful VA working in her own online business!

Allison Riesgaard VA Crash Course Graduate Success by Emily Reagan PR

Business Name: Personal Ally

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/personalally
Educational Background: Medical Assisting

Favorite VA Tasks: Designing pins, creating blogs, and SEO

How She Did It: Becoming Successful as a VA

I recently messaged with Allison about her growing digital media business and how working remotely has changed her life. Here’s what she had to say:

Emily: So tell us about how you got started in the virtual assistant “laptop lifestyle”.

Allison: I am always on the hunt for flexible work that fits my busy lifestyle. I was introduced to Emily and the opportunity to take her course and couldn’t pass it up!

Emily: Now that you’ve completed the course and are working on your own, how many clients are you helping? How many hours a week do you work?

Allison: I have four clients of my own, working about 15 hours a week.

Emily: That’s a great balance for part-time work and family! So where do you actually do your work for your clients?

Allison: I work from a small home office. Or…waiting in a pickup line, doctor’s offices, and my bed lol! I am in my car and outside of my work space more than 50% of the time. It can be hard to manage a normal work schedule with having to stop and go so much, but the portability of being a VA has made it possible!

Now I can help contribute to the home financially, and still be there for all of my daughter’s needs…

Emily: Now that you’ve been doing this for a while, what are your favorite parts about working online as a virtual assistant?

Allison: Flexibility! I do enjoy working with women entrepreneurs and seeing the growth in their businesses and the opportunity to challenge myself and learn new things. But nothing beats setting your own schedule! Mom life has me in a million places at once. Having a child with medical complexities prohibits me from working normal hours. But now I can help contribute to the home financially, and still be there for all of my daughter’s needs.

Emily: Has the Digital Media VA Crash Course given you the skills you need to succeed?

Allison: Most definitely! I love the responsiveness to questions, community learning, and the fact that we can go back for the tech stuff whenever a refresher is needed!

Emily: That’s exactly why the community portion is so important. And what part of the VA Crash Course was the most helpful for you for success? Would you recommend it to others?

Allison: Yes! And the SEO knowledge and the tech tutorials.

Like a Boss VA Crash Course Graduate Success by Emily Reagan PR

After completing Emily’s course, I was pretty quickly hired by referrals…

Emily: What feedback have you gotten from your clients about your skills and knowledge?

Allison: “Oh, you can do that too?!?”

Emily: Exactly! Clients are always excited to hire those of us who are successful as “unicorn VAs”! So what advice would you give to someone who is new to the VA world or unfamiliar with this career path?

Allison: Dive in! It was overwhelming going through the course, so much of it was new to me. But, I jumped in with a client willing to grow with me! Working gave me the confidence I needed. Practice what you learned in the course by doing it and go back to the tech tutorials when you need to.

Neon Sign VA Crash Course Graduate Success by Emily Reagan PR

I jumped in with a client willing to grow with me! Working gave me the confidence I needed…

Emily: Now that you’ve been successfully working as a VA after the crash course, what has been your best client experience so far?

Allison: After a few weeks of working with my first blog client I received a referral from her based off of my work. The validation was the best feeling and exactly what I needed at the time. All of my clients have been so understanding about my odd schedule and getting me the things I need early when I have to travel.

Emily: What else have you experienced since taking the course?

Allison: After completing Emily’s course I was pretty quickly hired by referrals through her Digital Media VA Workgroup. One client was for Facebook to help with daily post content, and the other was to begin a blog and manage Pinterest and Tailwind. I was so intimidated by the latter but have enjoyed it so much more.

The Takeaway for Becoming a Successful VA

Thanks for being with us today, Allison! There’s so much to relate to in her story. Allison made the decision that she needed to do something new for herself and her family, and now she is seeing all of the benefits of her hard work. I know that making the jump into digital media work online can feel intimidating. But once you’ve convinced yourself to say “YES” and just do it, the opportunities are incredible.

Maybe you’re still not sure about working remotely a virtual assistant. Or perhaps you’re intrigued by the idea of working from home as a VA, but need more information to figure out where to go next. No worries, because I’ve created a free masterclass exactly for people like you who are eager to learn more about being a digital media specialist. Grab a seat in the next upcoming session and chat with me live about exactly how this could fit into your life right now. But spots are limited, so get signed up right away!

Virtual Assistant Free Masterclass Webinar by Emily Reagan PR

Right now, I’m looking for a new group of students like Allison, who are hungry for change in their lives and ready to jump into a new career that fits their busy schedules and unique skills. Students like Carmen who are looking for a way to use their professional skills to find new career success working from home online as a digital media specialist. Or women like Nicole, who are happy in their full-time careers but want a side gig with flexibility and opportunity to boost their family budgets.

Taking the Next Step to Success

Whether you’re a busy mom, military wife, ready for a job change, or retired from your career and looking for a new opportunity, I see you. And I know that in just five short weeks, you could have the skills in your toolbox that you need to launch your own business working from home as a successful “unicorn” VA.

I’ve got clients waiting for you, right now, eager to hire a virtual assistant who can help them take their business to the next level. That’s why I’ve created my exclusive Digital Media VA Crash Course, and will have enrollment open for a very limited time. I’d love to have you join us and get started on your own #laptoplifestyle right away. Take a look right now to see how you could learn the most in-demand online skills and must-know strategies. But do it now, before my next course begins without you.

VA Crash Course Laptop

So, what will your success story become?

-Emily, Digital Media Consultant (and Virtual Assistant …)

Emily Reagan Digital Media VA Crash Course

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