Finding Flexibility and a Creative Outlet

I love getting updates from the students that have recently completed my 5-week Digital Media VA Crash Course. It is awesome to hear about the students that have signed new clients and are already building new careers as digital media consultants and business sidekicks right after completing the course!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my recent student, Tabitha Meisenzahl, who successfully added “virtual assistant” to her already impressive list of titles, as a military spouse, busy mom, nursing professional, and motivated go-getter.

Now here’s another reason why I do what I do.

This is Carmen Whetzel. She’s a self-starter who is growing her new digital media business from home, specializing in digital copywriting and graphic design. Now that her kids are getting older and leaving home for their own new adventures, she’s looking forward to a change from her teaching career to a new role that gives her flexibility each day and also fulfills her creative passion.

Carmen Whetzel for Emily Reagan PR

Carmen’s Info:

Business Name: Carmen Whetzel

FB: @carmenwhetzel
Educational Background: Associates in graphic design/visual communications and Bachelors in education, plus the Digital Media VA Crash Course and Your Marketing Mastered

Emily: So how did you get interested in beginning your new career path?

Carmen: I worked in education for 5+ years and needed a break. I wanted to figure out a way to work from home that didn’t involve telemarketing, selling, or customer support jobs where I would need to be tied to my home computer during regular working hours (or more!) and have a quiet working environment. I soon discovered the online opportunity of working as a virtual assistant / freelancer and decided to polish up my graphic design skills and learn more about digital marketing. I had no idea there was an online world out there where many women like me are leaving their traditional jobs and creating a new career or business for themselves.

Emily: How many clients have you partnered with so far?

Carmen: So far I’ve mostly offered graphic design work, which tends to be more one-off projects, and have already worked with a few clients in this capacity.

I had no idea there was an online world out there where many women like me are leaving their traditional jobs and creating a new career or business for themselves.


Emily: What’s your new work life like so far?

Carmen: I work out of my home in Houston, Texas. Right now I’m generally working about 5-7 hours each week.

Emily: And why do you like your new side hustle?

Carmen: I enjoy this work because it gives me the opportunity of being in control of my time. The flexibility is priceless! I also enjoy doing work that gives me the opportunity to be creative and challenges me to learn new things. I have an independent and introverted nature and I like having to figure things out on my own. Finally, I really enjoy helping someone else through the work I do, no matter what the task is.

Work Schedule Calendar for Emily Reagan PR VA Crash Course

“The flexibility is priceless!”


Emily: Tell me about your favorite tasks you do for a client.

Carmen: Graphic design and copywriting. And graphic design is my most requested work!

And your least favorite?

Carmen: Social Media management and posting

Emily: What’s your advice so far for getting hired?

Carmen Network! Facebook groups, etc. Plus have your client pitch ready (and a follow-up pitch!)

Emily: Yes! Networking is vital for success. It’s one of the reasons I started my own Facebook group for digital VAs and marketers!

Laptop working outside for Emily Reagan PR VA Crash Course

I wish…that I had known about the VA world a lot sooner!


Emily: I know this is still a new venture for you. But what do you wish you had known starting out, as you first took the VA crash course?

Carmen: I’m still pretty new with my freelance business and I feel I’ve been fortunate to find good resources of people who have already made the mistakes and are sharing their knowledge and expertise. But if there is one thing, I guess it would be that I had known about the VA world a lot sooner! I wish I had known about it when my kids where younger (I’m almost an empty nester)!!

Emily: What areas of online business do you want to grow? Or where do you see the most growth opportunities in your biz?

Carmen: I would like to grow my copywriting services for blogging and marketing needs. I really enjoy writing on a personal level and would like to learn how to write for the online world which is a little different from the way I learned how to write back in school. I can see how my teaching experience can also benefit me with the idea of “storytelling” in working with clients who need help in building their brands. Lastly, I think digital marketing through social media and podcasting is going to continue to grow as more and more people venture into the online business world.

Passion Led Us Here work quote for Emily Reagan PR VA Crash Course

I feel I’ve been fortunate to find good resources of people who have already made the mistakes and are sharing their knowledge and expertise…”

Carmen, after completing my VA course

Emily: Finally, how would you describe your best and worst client?

Carmen: The best would be a client who is respectful of time, friendly, good with communication, and flexible. The worst – a client who does not respond to emails, or doesn’t give timely feedback, and disappears for several weeks.

Emily: Thanks Carmen! I’m excited to see how this new adventure changes your lifestyle and lets you take full advantage of your soon-to-be empty nest!

What about YOU?

The Digital Media VA Crash Course with Emily Reagan PR

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-Emily, Digital Media Consultant (and Virtual Assistant …)

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