MilSpouse & Nurse earns extra income as an SEO Expert

Recently 19 go-getters went through my 5-week Digital Media VA Crash Course. Many of these ladies signed on clients within days of course completion! Keep in mind, most of these ladies never worked as or even knew what a digital media virtual assistant was prior to taking my VA course yet 1 month later, they were helping their new clients with blogging, social media, and course launching all while adding income to their family’s bottom line!!

Today I wanted to share one of my student’s success story.

Meet Tabitha Meisenzahl. She’s a military spouse, mom, nurse and all-around go-getter currently stationed in Tuscan, AZ. She’s building her business slowly with the plan to one day retire from nursing and run her consulting biz full-time. She especially loves doing SEO and analyzing her client’s online strategies, finding out what needs attention and then fixing it.

Business Name: Timberwood Digital Business Consulting

FB: @timberwooddigitalbusinessconsulting
Educational Background: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Emily: So first of all, tell my readers how you got started doing this work?

Tabitha: I had been researching virtual assistant (VA) work as something I could take with us wherever we move and not have to start at the bottom each time I got a job as a nurse in each new location. Each course seemed similar, but your VA course was much more all-encompassing. So I jumped in with both feet and haven’t looked back!

Emily: What was your biggest challenge in getting started as a VA?

Tabitha: Getting started I just needed confidence. Thanks to you, I was given the knowledge and support I needed to work with my first client.

Emily: How many clients do you currently have?

Tabitha: Three! Plus I’m still working my nursing job.

“So I tend to get up extra early to sneak an hour or two in before the kids get up…”


Emily: Especially this is a side gig for you, how many hours a week do you work as a VA? How do you fit it in with your crazy schedules?

Tabitha: 8-10. I am a nurse, by trade, and am transitioning out of that so that I have the luxury of working whenever it works for us. So I tend to get up extra early to sneak an hour or two in before the kids get up, then work a little after they go to bed. I actually have three jobs total: hospital shift work, (12 hour shifts), clinical trial nursing, and my VA business. It’s super busy, and always something to do, but I’m working my way into a business and career where I can work from home, around my schedule! So many of my friends have this dream!

Emily: What are you doing with your extra income from this VA side hustle?

Tabitha: I’ve used my extra income to pay down our retirement land in Texas so it’s paid off when we build. It’s impacting us in the long term because we can make extra payments and then use that land as equity and a down payment on our “forever home.” It means we’ll have a smaller house payment and be able to put in more upgrades or options we want … like that sauna and workout room that I want! He retires in 2023 not that I am counting.

Digital Media VA Crash Course-schedule-Emily Reagan PR&M, LLC

“…self-paced, easily works around my demanding schedule…”


Emily: Why do you like this type of remote work?

Tabitha: It’s fairly self-paced, easily works around my demanding schedule, extremely portable, and I get to choose to work on projects that pique my interest!!

Emily: What are your favorite tasks you do for a client?

Tabitha: Blog development, SEO, content & photo editing, and business progression development.

Emily: And what’s your least favorite tasks?

Tabitha: Social Media Community Manager (I won’t offer this service.)

Emily: What task is most requested by your clients?

Tabitha: SEO!!! Many business owners don’t realize how important it is to have SEO in almost every aspect of their business and marketing. Without it you’re not maximizing your business budget!

Emily: Has the Digital Media VA Crash Course given you the right skills to succeed in your work?

Tabitha: Without a doubt! During the course I felt like it was pretty well-rounded, but as time passed after I finished the course, I felt like there were things I didn’t remember as well as I wanted to my best, so I was able to go back and refresh my skills and memory by re-watching the needed videos! Add to that the extra skill trainings that are offered in the VA Club, and I feel like I’m leaps and bounds above a lot other VAs out there.

Emily: What aspect of the course did you find most helpful/useful to your work?

Tabitha: SEO! It’s in every aspect of my business, even social media, and a lot of business owners are only vaguely aware of that.

Emily: Which is why I spend an entire week on it in my VA course. It’s so important to your clients’ online success. If people can’t find them, they don’t make money!

Digital Media VA Crash Course-fist bump-Emily Reagan PR&M, LLC

I’ve been called a ‘rockstar’…


Emily: So we are military spouse friends stationed together at Moody AFB almost 3 years ago and hadn’t seen each other since then. You had been researching VA jobs on your own, and I had no idea you were even interested, and then you came to me about this topic… so why did you pick my Crash Course over other courses?

Tabitha: I chose your VA Crash Course over others because you’re my friend, but also because it seemed more all-encompassing. I liked having access to the Facebook group and your FB lives to ask questions. That helped tremendously. See self-confidence support in the beginning!!!

Emily: So what (if any) feedback have you gotten from your clients regarding your skills learned in the course?

Tabitha: I’ve been called a “rockstar” among other things, and have already been given several referrals based off of satisfied clients. Some of which I’ve taken, others I’ve passed on for various reasons.

Emily: Any advice you’d give someone thinking about being a VA?


  • Find a course like the Digital Media VA Crash Course that’s all-encompassing.
  • Also, be VERY protective and intentional with your time. Sometimes I will do work for clients at a reduced rate if its something new I want to learn or gain more experience with. Make sure they know that.
  • Search out and take as many free courses for VA material that you can. (ie: Google Analytics courses are free and invaluable knowledge that make you look REALLY smart and experienced to your clients.)
  • When trying to gain experience, personalities clicking isn’t as important because you just want to gain the time doing the skills, but as your business develops, the personality factor is HUGE! You’ll get to CHOOSE you work with and have FUN!
Digital Media VA Crash Course-online marketing-Emily Reagan PR&M, LLC

“I’ve gained his trust to help him develop his business…”


Emily: Can you share a best client story with us?

Tabitha: Sure. I started out doing SEO for only for the client. I was his first VA, but he had had another employee working for him who had crashed his website so he was a bit nervous to do much in the beginning. As we’ve gotten to work together, I’ve gained his trust to help him develop his business, give him advice on his course development, and received multiple referrals from him. He has paid for courses for me to take to help develop skills, and is fun to work for.

Emily: That is amazing! I am so proud of you. You have had a great work ethic and I can tell you want the best for your clients and give it your all. How about a worst client story?

Tabitha: A client wanted me to do SEO for their business, and I took the job because I wanted the experience. When I audited their site and gave them suggestions they were resistant to my suggestions. They wanted me to do only what they wanted. I advised them that they wouldn’t achieve the results they were looking for. I did the work and have politely not renewed their contract.

Emily: There are clients out there that don’t want to try something different even if it will help their business grow. They just want a robot to do the mundane tasks. You were right in walking away. Thank you so much, Tabitha, for taking the time to answer these questions. It’s great to see how successful you’ve already been in such a short time!

I hope Tabitha’s honest answers will help anyone who is thinking about being a VA or is thinking about taking my Digital Media VA Crash Course. If you’re interested in taking my course, get on the waitlist. You’ll be among the first to know when doors are open again. (which will be soon! )

-Emily, Digital Marketing Consultant and Implementer

Emily Reagan Digital Media VA Crash Course
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