You DO NOT Have to Know Everything

There is so much to learn and know. So many social media platforms to keep up with. So many new tech gadgets and resources to learn. So many marketing best practices to study and dive into. It can be daunting and totally overwhelming to someone who is just starting out. Especially someone new to the online business world.

But the reality is we can’t know it all.

No one does. Accept it.

Now get over yourself!

The fact is: it’s hard starting a new job… with a new skill… with new people … with new tech.

But don’t let this cause self doubt, fear and delay because …

@MarieForleo <—- industry leader and “B School” teacher, totally worth following and learning from

Seriously, everything you could possibly want to know is out there! And usually FREE. YouTube tutorials, walk-through articles, strategies, copy

It’s all out there!

Just plow forward and when you get stuck because you don’t know it

Figure it out.

Google it.

That’s all any business owner really wants. They are absolutely NOT going to hire a business sidekick who already knows it all. That would be DETRIMENTAL to their business. That would be someone who is not open to new things. Or someone who charges $1,000/hr because they do know everything. LOL

Hands down, they will hire the sidekick who can FIGURE THINGS OUT.

They want a resourceful person…. who knows there’s more than ONE WAY … who can use their critical thinking and decision abilities to learn and implement … who can be depended upon to take care of it.

If you can do that then you have what it takes, trust me.

I hope you can truly accept this. The fact that you are here and interested, tells me everything. You’ve got what it takes!

So Now What?

Use this to your advantage! In your next interview, don’t be afraid to say what you don’t know. What you WANT to learn. It shows you have DRIVE. It shows you have WILLINGNESS. It shows you’re FORWARD-THINKING. Play up your current assets and skillsets. Show what you bring to the table. But don’t act like you know it all.

I certainly don’t. And I’m the one implementing a lot of the behind-the-scenes work for my clients. I’m googling and researching and reading and watching new things EVERY SINGLE DAY. There is always someone … a leader or peer… in the industry who is more on top of it. Follow those people. Get the quick answers from them. (See my cyber crush on Neil Patel )

And for my clients & business owners… LISTEN UP: You do NOT have to hire the person who already knows Kajabi or Mail Chimp. That “expert” costs $$$ and is probably a one and done type. If you want a task manager… just hire the right digital media VA. (Note: My best VA hiring advice is HERE.)

The Shortcut

In my course, The Digital Media VA Crash Course, I’m giving the shortcuts for getting started in the digital marketing world. That’s where I teach the fundamentals, strategies & tech skills to wanna be digital media virtual assistants. Yes, there are other online business courses anyone could take. The difference is my Digital Media VA Crash Course is a jumping off point for someone who wants a well-rounded background as a business sidekick. Someone who wants to jump in NOW and not miss out on this exploding work opportunity. Someone who wants to know a little bit about (well almost) everything and gain the confidence to get started and choose the fields to work in.

I cover: search engine optimization, beginner website updates in WordPress , the basics of social media for business, email marketing, affiliate marketing. Not quite everything, but it’s a good start. You can totally figure this out on your own. But my course is a CRASH COURSE… step-by-step process of what you you need to KNOW and in WHAT ORDER to do things so you don’t waste your valuable time… googling for 5 years.

I want to you can get hired as quickly as possible!

-Emily, Digital Media Consultant (and Virtual Assistant …)

I have a Facebook community for digital media VAs. Come join us! –>

Where to Get Started Online

I have a list of 10 virtual job tasks for you here…. this will help you get started in the online space and let you in on exactly what clients coming to me are asking for help with and willing to pay a VA for… take a look!

If you’re interested in learning more about what I do as a social media manager, digital marker and virtual assistant helping small business owners remotely, please fill out this form here and I’ll tell you more.

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She’s a mom of four, Air Force wife, and founder of the Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant School, where she teaches smart women the in-demand, highly-coveted digital marketing skills to get flexible, online work.

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