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How to Help your Clients be more Productive Digital Media VAs by Emily Reagan PR

Lessons from a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant who does the work:

There’s a common thing I’ve noticed with so many small business owners and VA clients. So many people think that in order to grow their business, and increase their revenue, they just need to work more. More products, more effort, more hours, more social media platforms. But in reality, that just doesn’t work. Instead you have to work smarter. So as an indispensable unicorn virtual assistant, you need to be able to help your clients be more productive in their business.

You’ve probably already heard about the “Pareto Principle”, also known as the 80/20 rule. (If you’ve already taken any of my free Masterclass webinar sessions, you might remember it from there.)

You can use it different ways, but basically it says that you will find that 20% of your efforts produce 80% of your desired results. So as a VA, you need to help your clients focus their efforts on that 20%, while you fill in the rest of the tasks that need to be completed. You’ll reduce stress and build productivity for the long run.

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Michael Hyatt & “Free to Focus”

There’s so much recent talk about productivity in the business world. For example, Michael Hyatt is a huge hot topic for business owners right now. He’s a best-selling author and “business leadership mentor”. You can catch him on his “Lead to Win” podcast or find his blog here.

He basically points out that time is finite. You don’t have endless hours in your days, even if sometimes it feels like you should just work “one more hour”. So you need to spend the time you have on the things that are not only important and are productive, but are also tapping into your strengths and interests.

As a VA, you can help your clients by taking over the tasks that are difficult for them to complete, and they can focus on the core 20% of tasks that move their business forward.

Michael Hyatt also has ideas about how to streamline your workflows and become more efficient. And that’s something that you can use to be more productive both with your clients and also in your own VA biz. (For example, you might take advantage of some of the CRM programs that I mentioned in my last post.) He’s also a fan of batch editing, which you can learn more about in this post I made about terms that VAs should know.

He even has a popular planner, the Full Focus Planner, that is based on the practices in his book. If you’re looking for a new inspiration for getting organized AND growing your own productivity, it’s a good place to start. You can find it here, at Amazon via my affiliate link.

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The Takeaway: Learn How to Be More Productive

As a unicorn VA and digital media assistant, you should get familiar with these productivity buzzwords from trending people like Michael Hyatt. If you know how to offer your services to clients in a way that shows they will be more productive with your help, you’ll become absolutely essential to their business. Figuring out how focus on the things that matter and being more efficient will help you in your own digital media business, too.

Get More Time-Saving Hacks for VAs:

Want to learn some fast tips and time-saving tricks for streamlining your own workflows as a VA? Make sure you’ve joined my free facebook community! Starting in January, I will be be posting brand new mini-training videos there that will help both new and experienced VAs.

These will be quick info sessions, just around 5 minutes each, full of hacks and insider secrets that I’ve learned through the years from working as a VA. Each one will be gold to you if you’re trying to be more productive in your own online business.

Plus – the group is a community full of other VAs and digital media assistants who are sharing ideas, brainstorming business plans, and having fun. And, like I said, it’s free – just make sure you’ve joined the group before the mini-trainings begin!

Stay tuned for more “in-the-know” tips!

-Emily, Digital Media Consultant (and Virtual Assistant …)


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