Don’t forget to P.S.

Don't Forget the PS Email Postscript by Emily Reagan PR

Lessons from a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant Who Actually Does the Work

Everyone is utilizing the P.S. and I want you to be in the know! Before you plan your next email marketing campaign for your client, take a look at these notes!

First of all, P.S. is the post script in an old-fashioned letter. It’s the part added after the fact to the main body of text. It’s an afterthought.

And it works for emails too.

I’d like to give credit where it is due. I first heard the PS formulated for email marketing in Amy Porterfield’s podcast: The Power of the P.S. Strategy. (Got 25 minutes? Listen to it here on iTunes.) I had been seeing this in other business owners’ email and was already doing it for clients’ emails, but her podcast made me think and really be more intentional with my

P.S. I also like to write with them myself!

Email Marketing PS Desktop by Emily Reagan PR

Why the P.S. Works

  • Most of us have a cluttered inbox, and we are skim readers. It’s a great way to sum it all up.
  • Consumable digital media text requires text breaks. Our eyes need a break… it visually stands out
  • It’s a call to action, and people need to be told what to do

It gets the click

Ultimately, you want your readers to connect with your email and click through your links for more information. Try experimenting with new links in your PS and see how people respond.

In most email platforms you can track which links get the click. I love using Mailerlite for my new clients because of the link tracking… it lays it out visually…

If you’d like to try out Mailerlite, here is one of my client’s referral links:

Note: Other good options are Mailchimp, ConvertKit and Drip. I use Kajabi for my business and as of now, it does NOT show me link conversions. Makes me sad. I also don’t love Ontraport because the links are numbered and require me to do hunting to figure out my individual rates.

P.S. Ideas from Online Business Owners

Because I am constantly stalking, err, paying attention, to what others are doing, I have seen quite a few recent examples of PSing. And here are some of those example ideas for your client. Most of these are reminder links for readers to purchase. But you can also use it to get readers to consume information (and let that Facebook pixel capture them for retargeting later!!!) OR help push a social media platform that is lagging.

There are no limits! Some are short in length. Some are long. I’m sure these business owners are split testing their emails to see which ones get the click. The bottom line: They all get readers to take different kinds of actions. Think outside the box!

A few examples with NO Links

I love these the best… it doesn’t always have to be a clickable link, and you don’t want your client to be always selling and commanding. These are a nice break but totally intentional to helping the business grow.

Here are three ideas that will help with engagement, encouraging forwarding, and creating excitement over future offers.

See! There are so many ideas and options. I encourage you to think about what you really want your emails to do and start using the P.S. Strategy! Have fun with it. See what works.

I cover much more of the quick and dirty of email marketing strategy, and all things to know, in my Digital Media VA Crash Course. This is a great head start for anyone who wants to branch out in their VA services and offer content creation and email marketing. Get on the waitlist.

Emily Reagan's Digital Media VA Crash Course

The Takeaway

Since I am a skimmer myself, I even use this tactic with my takeaway at the end of the blog! So be sure to pull out important calls to action in your clients’ emails with the all powerful post script. You will look like an all star content creator and digital media virtual assistant!

Have fun with those emails!

-Emily, Digital Media Consultant (and Virtual Assistant …)

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