Creating 8 New Blog Posts from 1 Content Idea!

Turn One Blog Content Creation Idea into Eight Blog Posts by Emily Reagan PR

Lessons from a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant Who Actually Does the Work

Writing a blog can be challenging. From keeping it organized, to updating it with fresh, relevant ideas, it’s something that can be difficult for even some of the best bloggers. So, it’s no surprise that one of the number one reasons that clients need help is coming up with blog ideas. And they need a unicorn VA who can help with the entire process.

Sometimes our clients can’t see what’s right in front of their face! They miss easy opportunities for ideas that would make great blog posts. And when it’s something they do all the time, that they’re already good at, it’s hard to see all of the little details involved. But those small details can have super helpful information for someone else at a different point in their journey.

Let’s Do It

The newspaper and assignment editor in me loves this stuff. Essentially it’s called content creation or being a micro content creator. So let me walk you through what I do with clients, and that way you can see how I can create 8 different types of content with one single idea. One basic blog idea can give you a month’s worth of quality, interesting blog posts.

Lightbulb ideas for blog post idea content creation by Emily Reagan PR

(Note: if the content is super focused on a single idea, I would spread out the related posts when you publish them, and mix them with other content posts. That way your audience is seeing a variety of images and topics through the month. )

Why are we doing this?

Industry leaders encourage online business owners to make ONE NEW PIECE OF CONTENT EVERY WEEK. However, that is tough on a small business owner who is also running their business and trying to make money from sales, especially if the online business is a side hustle.

I want you to come in as a Digital Media Marketing VA and help your client extract as much useful content as they can. Then they can maximize their profit and blog benefits from that single content idea.

Questions to ask:

“What are you working on this week?”

No need to reinvent the wheel and add extra work to my client’s plate. I ask them what they are already planning to do. And then we’ll build our content out of that and stretch it into a variety of interesting posts:

  1. Overall Blog Topic
  2. The Process Blog
  3. Micro-Idea (aka One Central Tip)
  4. Product Review
  5. FAQ
  6. The Round-Up
  7. The Video Blog
  8. Pinterest Search

Let’s Dive Deeper Into Blog Ideas

Say my client Tracey is painting a piece of furniture this week. A customer has already hired her to do this work. We are NOT creating new work for her at all, we are just milking this project for content. So we are also NOT costing her extra resources. It’s the perfect scenario. And if you plan ahead, you can grab all the photos you need during the project for about 7 different blog posts.

  1. First we write the general showcase blog. This is the inspiration. This is the before and after photos. Keep it simple and leave the readers eager for more details.
  2. Write a “how to” process blog. Take the whole transformation or a part of it and write a step-by-step tutorial.
  3. Find the tiniest tip your client can take out of the above process and make it its own standalone information. It’s hiding in there!
  4. Pick one product that your client used in this transformation and highlight that product alone.
  5. What’s your client’s most Frequently Asked Question regarding this topic? Write that up with details on its own.
  6. The Round-Up. Find other similar end results from other bloggers or within your client’s own content and make a blog that showcases other ideas. Bonus… this is really good for getting click throughs and networking with other bloggers.
  7. The Video Blog. Most online business owners are using live streaming, usually via Facebook Live to get their message out. Don’t forget to repurpose this video! Most of my clients FORGET. Bonus if you can edit the video or make other videos from it. At the very least you can embed the live into a blog post. Otherwise, have your client do a quick recording during or after the process and flesh it out with text descriptions.
  8. Search on Pinterest… see what other bloggers are writing about that is similar and use it as inspiration. You’ll become the popular pins’ competitor! Tons of good ideas are on this platform for putting a new spin on your project.

The Takeaway of Blog Content

You’re bound to get content ideas from my list of 8 suggestions. It’ll make you look like a super star if you can save your client time and do the brain power for them. Just remember to have them take pictures along the way. For example, I am constantly reminding my clients to take the before and after shots, staged product photos, pics of themselves, etc. so we can build all of this content later.

Before and After Blog Idea Content Creation by Emily Reagan PR

What’s next?

Go above and beyond from just being a content creator. Clients also need help with affiliate marketing, email campaigns, and all aspects of the promotion of their blog. In my Digital Media VA Crash Course I teach you the six things every blog needs, and how to monetize the content. You’ll learn exactly how to help your client get their content FOUND and turn it into profit. If you’re ready to become your clients’ essential dream Unicorn VA who does it all, get on my waitlist and we’ll make it happen!

Emily Reagan's Digital Media VA Crash Course

Happy blogging!

-Emily, Digital Media Consultant (and Virtual Assistant …)

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