The Best Online Quiz Maker for Building Quiz Funnels

The Best Online Quiz Maker Interact Emily Reagan

Lessons from a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant who actually does the work:

The leaders in online marketing have shown us the way. Jenna Kutcher, Amy Porterfield, Ryan Levesque all use quizzes to attract their audience, collect their emails and segment where each lead is in their customer journey.

Quiz funnels are hot.

As a digital media specialist, I write, build and promote the quiz funnels for my clients. This is a very in-demand and profitable niche. It takes superior copywriting skills, tech integration knowledge and solid online business understanding to build a quiz that does its job.

When it comes to the tech, I don’t mess around. That’s why I have all my clients use Interact. I’ll share other quiz building options and my 20% off promo code for Interact at the end of this blog, so keep reading!

4 Reasons Why Interact is the Best Online Quiz Maker

1. It’s Easy to Build

Interact makes it so easy with their templates. If you were to build a quiz from scratch, it’s just as easy.

How to Promote your Quiz Quiz Funnel Emily Reagan

You’ll walk through these main steps.

  1. Cover Page – with a quiz title, cover image and description
  2. Adding the quiz questions
  3. Building the quiz results
  4. Turning on and connecting the lead generation capture for your ESP (email service provider)

It’s that easy!!!

I’ll have more tips for how to create and write your quiz in a future blog post.

But for now, you can see that Interact guides you through the steps. of building a quide.

2. It’s Easy to Collect Emails

At first I didn’t require that all quiz takers submit their emails, I left it optional. Eventually I turned it on a few months into my quiz because I put some Facebook Ad money behind my quiz, like I do with other lead magnets. I wanted to be sure to capture those emails since I was paying for it! You can see with my stats, that it works! The bottom stat “LEADS” are my collected emails, people who completed my quiz and wanted their results.

My email list before I built a quiz was under 2,000. How I’m up to 5,000!! These emails automatically go into my ESP, they are tagged based on their quiz result, and included in my newsletter list. I do scrub my list to keep up my open rates and keep the active, engaged subscribers.

3. It’s Easy to Get Support

What’s more frustrating? When you spend good money on a tech platform and you get totally stuck and have no one to help. How many times have you clicked the “report a problem” request disappeared into the black hole and never answered. That won’t be the case with interact.

First, join the Interact Quiz FB Community for your quiz questions and getting feedback.

Click here to join.

Interact offers tutorials and workshops inside the group. You can ask questions, get certified Quiz Consultants to chime in AND get support from other quiz builders. There’s no bait and switch happening. Interact wants you to succeed with your quiz funnel.

4. It’s Affordable for your Business

My advice is to start with the lite version for only $17/mo. It allows you to collect 60,000 quiz takers’ emails per year and gives you the basic integrations to make the tech easier when connecting your ESP (email service provider).

Now if you’re super serious, consider the growth package down the road. It allows you to have conversion tracking with theFacebook Pixel — think retargeted ads for anyone who took your quiz! I also love the growth package because the analytics are awesome. You can dive into exactly which questions making quiz takers bounce. The whole goal is to get quiz completions and emails, so the data can help you make your quiz even better!

How to Save 20% on the Best Online Quiz Maker

If you’re thinking about trying out with Interact you can sign up for a free account with my partner link here.* Then use my promo code that goes with this link: SMARTCOOKIE.

You’l save 20% off the lite or growth plans – a HUGE SAVINGS!

*I am an official Interact partner and I could earn a commission if you upgrade to one of the paid plans. I only recommend tech platforms that I use myself and for clients… and love. This is my official disclosure.

The Takeaway: Build the Quiz. Get the Emails. Sell your offers with the Best Online Quiz Maker: Interact.

Ok at this point you may be asking, well can I see your quiz, Emily? How’d ya do it. Feel free to take it here.

Virtual Assistant Quiz

Got any questions about quiz funnels? Send me a DM @emilyreaganpr


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