How to Become a Digital Media Virtual Assistant

Working from Home as a Digital Media Virtual Assistant VA by Emily Reagan PR

The only reason I’d ever join Twitter is to follow the Wendy’s account.

It seems like a dream job to just be sassy to people, own up to mistakes, call McDonald’s out on their food quality and service,  have fun with life and make people laugh… oh yes and remind people of your sales and products every now and then.

A DREAM JOB. This social media person behind Wendy’s is kicking butt.

Wait, that’s kind of my job. Um, sometimes, except I don’t play on twitter. I play on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, the blog space …  for clients. Sometimes I get to mimic their sassy pants and just have fun.

Sometimes I get to put on my sassy pants and just have fun with ideas … Goodness, I made these meme spoofs forever ago. It was so much fun!

My client who has her own fun style, was able to use them to promote her events. It stood out in the crowd among all the other DIYers. It was fun. And I pinched myself that I Could come up with ideas AND get to create them … or now find others to create them who have more talent that me!!

You could have your dream job.

Goodness, why not?

Well how do you get there? How do you get this dream gig playing on social media for work? There are tons of online marketing schools, but I’d like to help you cut through the chase and get remote digital media virtual assistant work the way I know how.

If doing this type of  social stuff as little fun side hustle interests you just the tiniest bit…. then >>>CLICK HERE>>> join to my private FB group for VA wannabes and VA ares…   This is a growing industry and you can find work, purpose, paychecks and fun all in one


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Meet Emily

Emily Reagan is a jill-of-all trades when it comes to digital marketing and techie skills. She’s worked as a behind-the-scenes digital marketing implementor and strategist for a decade for online biz owner clients.

She’s a mom of four, Air Force wife, and founder of the Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant School, where she teaches smart women the in-demand, highly-coveted digital marketing skills to get flexible, online work.

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