The #1 Thing You Can Do to Help Your YouTube Clients

Help Clients Video on YouTube by Emily Reagan PR

Lessons from a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant Who Actually Does the Work:

I was grabbing my coffee at the hotel and about to head in the direction of the auditorium for the next conference when, by chance, I peeked into the sitting area. I was hoping to see Neil Patel, I won’t lie to you. I had missed him the day before (after trying to stalk him just a bit).

Instead I saw the YouTube King, Sean Cannell, meeting with his team. I was with a lady who knew his family, and I made her introduce me. I’d said “hi” the day before after his presentation, but I am so terrible at interrupting people and making the topic about me. #Wallflower

His presentation the day before was wonderfully informative and personal. I liked him and I loved what he was teaching. He was on stage teaching the HOW-TOS! Not just a pep talk. This was a guy who like me, is in the trenches ACTUALLY DOING THE WORK.

Sean is sharing his personal story about his wife’s health issues and how he built his business. I just loved his message.

I immediately connected with him when I realized that we use the same Chrome extension to come up with our keywords. Yes, I am a dork. But he was actually there to HELP people learn YouTube. Not just be a cheerleader. The audience was furiously taking notes, and I just sat in my seat saying…YES! That’s it! Wait, don’t tell them EVERYTHING!!!!! LOL

So then I jumped in…

That morning I was not going to let an opportunity pass. I stole a few minutes of his time, and talked to his team a bit because I was curious about the women there working behind the scenes. And in that short amount of time I managed to get him as a guest for my client’s podcast.

I also asked him one very important question for advice that I could pass on to my clients… He was so generous and sharing throughout the whole conversation, and I know I took up way too much of his time. But I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

I was thinking of one of my clients in particular, when I asked ..

“How do I get my client to get on board with YouTube when she knows she should do it, but she is scared and a perfectionist and not happy with the low views?

His answer:

“She has to commit to it for an entire year and do it every week. She is going to start out not very good, but she’s going to get better and better. She shouldn’t even be looking at her views or insights. If she is concentrated on delivering good content, it will happen.”

Isn’t that the basis of all content creation for our clients? YES. It’s so friggin’ simple, but yet YouTube is hard for all of my clients because it’s video, and it’s really putting themselves out there. They are their own very worst critic.

My client was stuck on post production values when she should have been focused on delivering her content. (We were using pixelated Facebook lives, not ideal, but the content was good) Yes, quality matters, and she could have benefited from better video recording equipment and lighting. Sean was telling us that at the beginning, especially when no one is really watching, JUST START. BE CONSISTENT. Be okay with not being perfect.

It takes a while to get the YouTube ball rolling and get a channel that is monetized and sending leads into your client’s sales funnels.

Crash Course for Help with YouTube

All of my clients are asking for help on YouTube, so as part of my bonus training in the VA Crash Course, I have included a 1-hour Crash Course into all things YouTube. This class will help a unicorn VA get started quickly, be familiar with the strategies, the lingo, and the basic how-tos. It’s all about confidence, ability, and being able to jump into it for clients. The Digital Media VA Crash Course with YouTube Bonus will get you there quickly.

I encourage my students to dive DEEPER into any of the modules and bonuses we cover, and really become the expert. If you’re curious, Sean Cannell has a free MASTERCLASS offering great tips on how to help your clients influence and gain followers with videos. He also offers an in depth YouTube online course called the Video Ranking Academy 2.0. Disclaimer: I have not taken it, nor am I an affiliate. I am just a girl who was sitting in an audience and totally impressed with this guy’s desire to help and teach the depths of YouTube.

Sean Cannell Video Ranking Academy

The Takeaway to Help with Youtube

Video is in demand. Get up to speed on legit YouTube marketing strategies, tactics and video production skills … and you’ll be a Unicorn VA. So many clients use live streaming and need help repurposing that content. You’ll be ready to give them help on YouTube. It’s a goldmine of work opportunities for someone who is a little bit creative and a little bit technical. You will find yourself, like me, mainly encouraging your clients to KEEP GOING. Keep producing content every week, just like Sean Cannell said.

Where to Get Started Online

YouTube is only one of many in-demand digital assistant skills right now. If you want to know more, I have a list of 10 virtual job tasks for you right here. Go check it out to get started in the online space, and I’ll let you in on exactly what clients need right now. They’re coming to me asking for help for these specific tasks, and if you get those skills, you’ll be ready to jump right in with clients of your own.

Have fun playing!

-Emily, Digital Media Consultant (and Virtual Assistant …)

I help smart women learn the in-demand digital marketing strategies and tech skills to get hired as a unicorn virtual assistant.

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