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Are your clients using screen recording programs yet? Chances are that at least one of your VA clients will want to scale their business to include tutorials, online courses, webinars, or other creative video compilations if they aren’t already doing it. And if you’re their unicorn digital media virtual assistant, you should know about these four popular apps and websites that will help.

Share Your Screen and Capture Audio With These Video Programs

Screen recording is basically getting a video of what’s on your computer screen, and adding your voice (or other audio) on top of it. So instead of just sharing a plain slide presentation, you can record a whole presentation with your own voice to create a complete package that can be accessed over and over again. It’s an essential tool for creating tutorials and content for online courses, and plenty of other digital media tasks.

Four Popular Screen Recording Video and Audio Programs:

1. Camtasia

Camtasia is my personal choice for creating videos of my screen with audio, so I’m listing it first. It is one of the more robust and powerful options out there. There are a lot of editing options and it’s easy to put together professional looking videos.

It’s intuitive, it offers special effects and audio options, and is easy to edit. Even a beginner can use it.

Unfortunately, it isn’t free like some of the other options. They do offer a free trial, though. And personally, it is worth it to me to know that my videos are going to come out right.

Zoom Logo - Audio Screen Record for Emily Reagan PR

2. Zoom

Zoom is popular as an all-in-one video platform. It’s usually marketed as a video conferencing tool (and definitely should be in your VA toolbox for that!), but a lot of digital media pros are also using it for screen recording.

Not only can you record your presentation and use your own audio, but you can even connect to an iPad or cell phone. There are also a variety of ways to upload files, and you can use their virtual whiteboard for writing.

Zoom even offers a free basic membership. And it’s pretty easy to get started even as a beginner. Of course, if you’re going to use it often, you might want to consider upgrading to their paid premium membership.

Loom Logo - Audio Screen Record for Emily Reagan PR

3. Loom

Loom is becoming popular as a quick, easy way to incorporate videos into all of your communication. It creates screen recordings like the other programs here, but it also makes it easy to use video messages in your email and social media marketing.

Plus, it also has a basic free option, and uses a simple Chrome extension. If you want basic and quick, Loom might be your best fit.

screenflow Logo - Audio Screen Record for Emily Reagan PR

4. ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow is another popular premium video editing and screen recording software for Macs. It is clean, and also gives you slick, professional videos even for beginners. A lot of its users like the fact that you get free access to stock images and audio components.

Unfortunately, it is also a paid product, although there is a free trial. And it is limited to Mac and iOS users, so that might leave a lot of your potential clients without access.

The Takeaway: Get a good screen recording program in your toolbox

You might already have a client that is using a screen recording program. Or there might be a potential client in the wings that throws out one of these platforms in their job ad. Either way, it’s a good idea to get a basic idea of what’s out there, and be familiar with the names and how they can be used to help your clients.

And don’t forget that you can start suggesting these programs to your current clients. They could turn a slides presentation into a full-scale video presentation, create a webinar, or build a new bonus for opt-ins. Which equals more sales for the long run, with just a small amount of effort upfront that you can help them do. And that’s what makes a unicorn VA indispensable!

How to Become that Indispensable Unicorn VA:

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