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Lessons from a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant who does the work:

I’ve been around the block in the online business world and I can 100% claim… with every online job task … “There’s a VA for that.”

“Virtual Assistants” are doing everything these days. It’s become such a broad term that I’ve started to hate it. But that’s what my clients have been calling me for years so let’s just own it.

Virtual assistants are behind the scenes everywhere online making things happen. These job tasks for a VA are in almost every online biz. And to clump us together with just one name is silly.

Here are just a few VA job tasks that a virtual assistant can do:

  • Organize business owners’ to-do lists,
  • Plan events
  • Unclog the email inbox
  • Assistant customers
  • Handle social media
  • Write copy, blogs, emails
  • Coordinate schedules
  • Pitch media & brands
  • Act as personal assistants
  • Tell other on the team what to do
  • Edit photos & videos
  • Write scripts
  • Make mood boards
  • Design graphics
  • Add up the expenses
  • Pay all the bills
  • Negotiate fees & brand deals
  • Plan product launches
  • Add products to e-commerce
  • Find key search words
  • Track website data
  • Organize EVERYTHING in Excel, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  • Create PowerPoint slides
  • Monitor Facebook communities
  • Build membership sites & courses
  • Schedule emails
  • Edit video

I could go on and on and on…and give you so many ideas that I know you could easily do. Instead I’d rather invite you to my masterclass where I make sense of these types of roles:

If you’re able and willing to do ANYTHING from the above list, then there’s a niche for you. The key is understand the big picture and know WHAT to call yourself and the proper lingo to use so you’ll get hired.

So hop over here to sign up for the waitlist to get a seat.

I’ve worked with 52 online business owners as clients so I know what they are asking for help with… plus the tasks and services you could offer to keep working together.

And FYI: Seating will be limited so reserve your seat now.

Want a sneak peak right now? Get my free download of the 10 top most requested tasks that a virtual assistant can do. These are the most popular digital media tasks that online biz owners need help with right now. So grab your copy and see which ones fit you most!

Wondering what VA job tasks are for you?

Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure which jobs are the best fit for you? No worries because I actually created a personality quiz for wanna-be or brand new VAs! Learn where YOU can fit in the online business world and WHO these online biz owners are hiring!

Quiz- Your Dream Job Working Online from Home as a Digital Media Virtual Assistant by Emily Reagan PR

And check out this video! I chatted with my digital media assistants in training on this same topic on Facebook Live. It’s full of my ideas and tips for picking that one thing you can already do and applying it online. Here is my story about how I used my knowledge of press kits to make a blogger’s media kit…

Remote Jobs Online
Click here to watch the 19-minute video.

Get Started Today.

Still not sure? Take a look at how this military-spouse nurse busted into the biz post and how this teacher changed up her career to read some of those success stories.

There are a lot more success stories from my students right here. And I bet you’ll find your truths inside at least a few of their stories. In fact Deb, a VA who helps me, said:

“When I started working for you, I had been out of the workforce for almost 10 years. My main skills were photography, writing, and how to run my former brick & mortar biz – grooming dogs. Nothing about online marketing! My biggest fear at the time was failing to be helpful. At times I did fail. So what? No one died! I then learned what to do differently for next time so really it wasn’t a lost effort. I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned in the last few years which only happened because I moved beyond my limiting belief of not being smart enough. I took a chance and said YES.”

So are YOU ready? Ready to take a chance and say YES?

Even if you have been out of the job world for years, you can translate your previous work experiences and skillsets into something brand new. Working from home and supporting your family doesn’t have to be a vague dream. My digital media crash course is the stepping stone you need right now.

Make sure you’ve also joined my Facebook group for wanna-be VAs, too. I posted a video there where I talked about my life has changed after becoming a VA, plus I give a sneak peek into some fun new things I’m working on. So make sure you’re a member of the free group and then go check it out right here!

Going Back to Work as a VA Video by Emily Reagan PR

Trust me – you’ve got this!

-Emily, Digital Media Consultant and Implementer

“I will make an army of unicorn VAs to help these online business owners!”


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