How Do You Know When It’s Time to Quit a Client?

Knowing When It's Time to Quit Your VA Client by Emily Reagan PR

Lessons from a Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant Who Actually Does the Work:

As virtual assistants and marketing specialists, we work so hard to grow our own businesses. We market ourselves and network with our services to build a solid foundation of new clients. But sometimes, we also have to realize that it’s just not working out with some of our existing clients. And knowing when to quit a dead-end VA client is a big part of long-term success.

I’ve had clients come and go over the last 13 years in my freelancing world of digital marketing and public relations. New clients come with new challenges, new lessons and total excitement for me.

But quite often the dust settles on our “start” and a few months into the client relationship I realize it’s just not my ideal partnership… for so many reasons.

Usually it’s because of the quality of the client’s content, or I’m pulling teeth to get feedback and content. Maybe it’s their continuous last-minute chaos and just overall communication style. Or the client just isn’t invested in her /his online business for the long-term.

It’s never personal. But yet it’s so hard to know when to walk away. I am loyal and totally invested in their success. It can be hard to call it quits even though deep down I know it’s time to move on.

Today, I’d love to share advice that no one really talks about: knowing when it’s time to walk away.

I wish I could have moved sooner on some of these myself, because this advice makes it so clear-cut and obvious in every one of my relationships that needed to end.

when to quit a client when quit client

If you think you may need to quit a client, but wondering if you really should… ask yourself a couple of questions:

Do you enjoy the type of work?

Are you getting paid enough? (To include recognition, reward and compensation?)

Do you enjoy working for this client and helping them succeed?

Can you afford to quit?

Is this client’s work taking away from something else you could be doing long-term?

Girl Bye When Quit Your VA Client by Emily Reagan PR

Emily’s Advice for Working Virtual Assistants and Freelancers

Really figure out why you are quitting. You’ll have to rack and stack your answers. It will be tell-tale. I am not even going to expound on the question. I think you already know what I’m getting at. Some of those answers could result in immediate change, because maybe you can ask for a raise or just to focus on certain job tasks that work better for you. Get yourself back on the happy path.

But some of those answers just cannot be changed. Trust your gut.

Clients are a dime a dozen. Everyone is coming to us needing help with their social media, content creation and sales funnels. You could always fall back on new client work. There are so many opportunities to do other things, work with other clients or build your own dream business.

Some of the best advice I ever got, when you say no, you are saying yes to a future opportunity. You open yourself to new and better-fit clients.

What if I need the work?

If you’re a newbie… you may need the experience (or the paychecks) and you’re just not in a position to quit.

Just understand that this client relationship may not be long-term. Get what you need out of the relationship AND set your boundaries. If you know you will be quitting, don’t be a slave to this client. You will need to limit your hours and make time to find new clients or rev up work with the clients you do LOVE. You’ll be in a lose-lose situation if all your time and effort is dedicated to a short-term client.

(With that said, don’t do your client an injustice and have her/him rely solely on you. You can take steps now to set them up for work-life without you and make the eventual transition easier.)

I’ve had tons of starter clients and I can see really quickly who is going to succeed and who isn’t. I hate to say that but we know it’s true. Align yourself with the winners when you can. It’s more fun to see progress and be instrumental in their business success.

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when to quit a client when quit client

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when to quit a client when quit client

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