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One day I sat down to work on a client’s blog and I couldn’t open her photos! I didn’t recognize the file extension as my usual .jpg or .png. After some research I learned that Apple had introduced a new photo format called .HEIC. And this HEIC file format was a total pain in the butt for me as a content creator and virtual assistant.

Fortunately I found a way to handle it quickly and easily. Now I’m going to make you look smart if you run into this odd file with your clients.

You Got This Computer for Emily Reagan PR HEIC to JPG

My Go-To Free HEIC File Converter Resource:

All you have to do is upload your photos to a free converter and it spits it out as your .jpg!

This one is nice because you can use the drag and drop from your finder to do a batch. (I’m usually working on blogs for clients so this is deal. But you can also do one at a time.) Then, you’ll have the option to download as a zip file. I like this for computer file organization.

HEIC to JPG File converter by Emily Reagan PR

One More Thing About HEIC files

And while you’re at it… go ahead and have your clients revert back to .jpgs as their default on their Mac devices. Have them follow the directions from this helpful article here. That will make it easier on you, but it’s not necessary. Especially if they are tech challenged!!!!

The Takeaway

You’ll just look smart if you already know what this file is. Converting them is time consuming … but not hard… just an extra step in the process. It’s another great example of something that online business owners should outsource to a digital marketing virtual assistant…aka you! Offer it as one of your services, and head over to download these other 10 ideas for services. I’ve worked with a lot of clients and I know exactly what skills and knowledge they are looking for when they hire a unicorn digital media VA!

How to become a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant

When you work as a virtual assistant, it feels like there’s always something new to learn. It can feel overwhelming especially when you’re just getting started.

That’s why I decided to create my Digital Media VA Crash Course. It’s an info-packed online learning opportunity that’s all about honing your skills and learning the basic online business fundamentals. Plus, I’ve included a lot of my best insider tips and tech knowledge that I’ve picked up over the years, like this HEIC file tech tip. You can hit the ground running after the course and be ready to be hired right away by business owners who want the elusive unicorn VA!

Whether you’re just exploring digital media as a new business opportunity, or you want to grow and expand your own VA business toolkit, this is the course you need. Get ready to jump start your own business success and get on the course waitlist now!

You’re ready for the next step!

-Emily, Digital Media Consultant (and Virtual Assistant …)

Ready to Work Online

Interested in starting your own online side hustle? Because I have a list of 10 different virtual job tasks for you right here. Go check it out to get started in the online space, and I’ll let you in on exactly what clients need right now. They’re coming to me asking for help for these specific tasks, and if you get those skills, you’ll be ready to jump right in with clients of your own.

I help smart women learn the in-demand digital marketing strategies and tech skills to get hired as a unicorn virtual assistant.

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