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I have the technical vision and know the steps that can help you scale your business.

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 Let’s get your media pitches, speaker sheets and press pages all sorted out … TO GET YOU VISIBLE!

Think of me as more than just a digital media implementor, really my business is an extension of your public relations team.

If you speak digital marketing, like me, visibility means: targeting strategic audiences, getting exposure in podcasts and FB live interviews, dialing your lead magnet to grow your list, and creating dynamic bio and speaker sheets that get you booked. 

⚡Kick back your feet while I do the edits on your bio, pitch template and find podcasts and media ops for you to target.

⚡You’ll walk away with podcast pitches, a one-sheet that will attract media ops, a customized system for podcast tracking, and a master plan to implement your visibility strategy.

End-of-day goal: Have three stellar pitches that editors and podcast hosts can’t say NO to… that you can templatize and re-use in your public relations, earned media opportunities.

Investment: $997.00


Online Business Consulting

  • 30-minute Consultation via Zoom, Skype or Telephone
  • Immediate Must-Do & Money Maker Suggestions
  • Mini Website & Facebook Audits
  • Social Media Content ideas

How I Work


2 & 1

The Helper & The Reformer 


Dominance & Influence


Philomath & Problem Solver



Myers & Briggs:


The Protagonist

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