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Emily Reagan Consulting Business Strategy Sessions


I’ve helped over 93 online business owners in the backend of their business between digital marketing implementation and strategy ideas. My clients have taken my ideas and suggestions and made millions … or have been able to get more efficient and focused with their time, resources and attention.

In this call we can cover tons of topics and implementation assistance. Whatever it is I can help you! Just pick my brain

For online business owners, we can cover:

  • 60-minute recorded Consultation via Zoom (you will get the copy)
  • Immediate Must-Do & Money Maker Suggestions
  • Mini Website & Facebook Ad Audits
  • Facebook Ad Audience Set up, Pixel Installation, Domain Verification
  • Facebook Ad Copy Audit
  • Digital Product and Membership Launching
  • Tech Stack Questions & Troubleshooting
  • Hiring & Team Growing Questions

For freelancers, service providers and virtual assistants, we can cover:

  • Strategy & Business Plan for: Niche, Ideal Clients & Success Journey
  • Nail Down Your Services Package
  • Email Outreach Audit
  • Website Audits

Investment: $297

"I appreciate the encouragement
and clarity you provided."

"Thank you for your time yesterday. You gave me a roadmap for creating retainer services and validated my vision for the future of my business... I am very excited to take my business to the next level with the support of you and your community."
Gina Havranek
Virtual Assistant

"I just had the most amazing strategy call with Emily!"

"I've been feeling stuck on how to package my services and what to price them at (hello imposter syndrome!) for months now.

After talking everything out and coming up with clear packages and prices I now have the confidence to put myself out there and take the next steps in my business. Thank you Emily, I truly appreciate your help and expertise, you are a life saver!"
Tracey McDonald
Online Business Manager

"My one-on-one time with Emily was incredibly helpful on several levels."

"Practically I got a roadmap for how to continue to niche-down in tech, how to package offers, and which platforms to get smart on to round out my skills. I also got clarity and action items for which of my marketing pieces to focus my energy on.
On another level, talking with Emily about what I am currently doing for clients I got reassurance that I am niching in the right areas and that I really can start commanding higher rates to do the work I’m doing.
I guess I needed a little pep-talk to smash down imposter syndrome and because of Emily’s advice and encouragement I’ve booked a new discovery call, and am reaching out to a few dream clients!"
Stephanie Sloan
Tech Specialist

"New focus for my services. Elevated job title. Clear next steps for higher packages."

"I really appreciated our session today, it made me rethink a lot of things. Your external perspective, your ability to analyze the business as a whole, your knowledge of the market, and the innovative ideas you gave allowed me to have an explosion of insights that put me (my business) in the right direction. I feel it was a game-changer for me."
Márcia Aguiar
Membership Manager


Let’s build a quiz funnel that nurtures and segments your leads. You bring the copy, I’ll implement the tech and design. See my portfolio here

This Quiz Funnel Project package varies but can include:

  • 1 quiz landing page with custom quiz feature image and SEO optimization
  • 4 quiz result landing pages with custom feature images
  • 4 email automations with 4 email nurture sequences my sophisticated tagging system
  • Quiz building on Interact
  • Quiz tech integration, which may include Zapier, depending on your tech stack
  • Quiz added to home page, nav bars, announcement bar and/or  pop-up
  • Optional – Quiz answer specific pain point follow up sequences, automations
  • Visual Funnel Whiteboard and organized Quiz Asset Collection (so anyone on your team will understand what we’ve built!)
  • Optional – Custom graphics, workbooks and gifs
  • Optional – Facebook Ad Funnel with Facebook Ad Design + Copywriting
  • Not Included – Quiz Writing, Landing Page Copy, Email Copy – I can refer a talented quiz writer!

Investment $3,000+

Emily blew me away!

She made my quiz come alive not only with a beautiful website design but taking care of all the complicated funnel set up on the back end as well. As someone who is not technically minded at all, it was such a relief to leave everything in her very capable hands. She freed me to focus on what I love - creating - by taking care of all the parts that I hate - technical implementation. Emily is an implementation queen and I could not have done it without her!
Tammy Gustafson
Quiz Funnel Client

True marketing standpoint

Appreciating you so much for the extra effort and the way you approach my quiz landing pages. Not just creating these visuals and this them on a page. You're really thinking it through from a true marketing standpoint.
Sheri Moise
Quiz Funnel Client
Emily Reagan Podcast Pitching


 Let’s get your media pitches, speaker sheets and press pages all sorted out … TO GET YOU VISIBLE!

Think of me as more than just a digital media implementor, really my business is an extension of your public relations team.

If you speak digital marketing, like me, visibility means: targeting strategic audiences, getting exposure in podcasts and FB live interviews, dialing your lead magnet to grow your list, and creating dynamic bio and speaker sheets that get you booked. 

⚡Kick back your feet while I do the edits on your bio, pitch template and find podcasts and media ops for you to target.

⚡You’ll walk away with 1 podcast pitch, a one-sheet that will attract media ops, a customized system for podcast tracking, and a master plan to implement your visibility strategy.

End-of-day goal: Have three stellar pitches that editors and podcast hosts can’t say NO to… that you can templatize and re-use in your public relations, earned media opportunities.

Investment: $1,297

Fractional CMO Emily Reagan - Emilyreaganpr.com


If you need marketing help – both strategy & execution in a dedicated, long-term support role…

… But you’re NOT making enough to hire a full-time Chief Marketing Officer …

Then consider hiring a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer.

A FCMO provides leadership and big-picture marketing direction as your team works to fill the holes that prevent your company from moving to the next level. I will guide the marketing team (or sometimes just you as a solopreneur) through implementation of your updated strategy, helping to overcome roadblocks and fill marketing leaks, while capitalizing on opportunities so you get more sales.

For an online business, this is setting and implementing your content marketing strategies, launch strategies, visibility goals, setting and tracking goals in a long-term, retainer role as a strategic partner.

Each month we will meet to strategize for the month ahead. I will work 1-3 days in your business/month to execute and help with a variety of digital marketing tactics:

  • Social Media Plan
  • Content Strategy
  • Email Plan
  • Launch Plan
  • Media Pitches
  • Funnel Building
  • Small Tech Fixes

A FCMO will help you reach your marketing goals of lead generation and brand awareness.

Think: more leads, less pressure on you.

Imagine: having a strategic plan, being told what to do (including what reels to make) and only spending a 8 hours a month doing the marketing of your business that brings in new leads and sales.

I can help with my high-level unicorn skillset.

Investment: Starting at $3,000/Month, 3-Month Minimum

VIP days starting at $1,297 for launch strategies, monthly social media plans, content mapping. 

Either way, book a discovery call with me to see if a CFMO is what’s missing in your business.

I know I'm in safe hands with Emily

I know the term “unicorn” is overused these days, but there is no other word to describe Emily and her brand. She has profound knowledge when it comes to technology and can help your business become the “slight edge” that it needs to be to stand out as an online brand.

My favorite thing about Emily is the sense of security she made me feel when I worked with her (I don’t know about you, but to me, trust is HUGE when it comes to hiring someone to help you with your business.) With that said, no one else would have known how to bring my brand vision alive, and I’m so glad we had the chance to work together.
Linda Sidhu
Quiz Creator

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