How to Promote a Quiz Funnel – 13 Ways to Get More Quiz Takers

How to Promote your Quiz Quiz Funnel Emily Reagan

Lessons from a Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant who actually does the work:

Wondering why it is important to learn how to promote a quiz? As a digital media specialist, I write, build and promote the quiz funnels for my top clients. This is a very in-demand and profitable niche. It takes superior copywriting skills, tech integration knowledge and solid online business understanding to build a quiz that does its job. But the work doesn’t stop there.

My quiz partner, copywriter Linda Sidhu, and I offer done-for-you quiz services. Linda does all the research, then writes the quiz and nurture email series. She’s amazing and has a deep knowledge or writing and selling to different personality types. I build the funnel, design the graphics, do the tech integrations and then set up Facebook Ads for our clients.

Just because you build a quiz, doesn’t mean it will be a HUGE sensation with everyone online and go viral.

It takes work and effort to learn how to promote a quiz to get it out there into the right hands. Linda and I get this question a lot from our fellow online business peers….


“So how do I promote my quiz funnel?”

This blog post is for the social media assistant, the unicorn digital marketing assistant or the biz owner who wants to learn how to grow their email list with a quiz funnel.

PS — At the end of this blog, I’ll share my fave quiz maker and how you can save 20%


how promote quiz


13 Ways – How to Promote A Quiz Funnel


1. Share it with your friends

It’s the old-fashioned way of marketing – just ask. Tap into your business peers, social media friends and current students and ask them to share it within their community. This is grassroots marketing and comes across as authentic because they can share in other FB groups, to their pages, their communities. I’d prefer to see you start with a Facebook post that promotes the quiz and have them share that original post to give it a Facebook boost.

You might feel silly, but it’s marketing 101. You have to tell people what you’re doing so they can buy from you. Same with the quiz. You have to tell people you created it. Be sure to do the “indirect ask.” Ask them to share it with people who would benefit. You’re not asking your friends to take it necessarily. (Hopefully they’re already on your email list.) You want to start a viral push by asking their friends to share it. Do you see how powerful that could be? Start there.


2. Make it your CTA in all your visibility opps

Every single time you get in front of another audience, talk about your quiz. This means everything: podcasts, guest teachings, joint FB lives, Instagram lives and Clubhouse rooms. Make sure your quiz link is EASY for you to say and remember for these moments. I always have my clients use


3. Instagram Bio

This is a prime piece of real estate. Your instagram followers will be engaging with you and checking out your profile and clicking on that link. Use it to your advantage in all your feed posts as a call to action to take the quiz.

Some Instagram coaches will recommend that you only have a single link, instead of a landing page list of links or the platforms like LinkTree, Link-in Bio, or Campsite, etc.

Try it out. Have your main CTA be just your quiz for 30 days and do a solid list building effort using only your quiz link in your bio.

If you’re more of a linktree kinda person, make sure it’s on that list of links and close to the top. (You probably want to have your offers on there too, but put that free list-builder quiz as the first button if you’re not in a launch mode!)

Remember, everyone engaging with you on Clubhouse will be clicking on your Instagram account!

how promote quiz


4. Instagram & Facebook Stories

Don’t forget to promote your quiz twice a week in the stories!! It’s easy to forget about the list-building opportunities using stories.

Don’t have 10,000 followers and that sexy swipe up? No problem! You can ask people to DM you for the link or get it in the bio. (See #3 above).

Remember you have to tell people and remind them where and how to take action… regularly.

Try subtle ways of talking about your quiz. Use a poll to ask your followers if they took it. Use response stickers to share their results. Share screengrabs of quiz takers sharing their feedback.

Get creative and have fun!


5. Pinterest

Pinterest is a search engine disguised as a social media platform. It’s the perfect place to use keywords so your content can be organically found by people who are already searching your topic! Try designing a couple different pin images to see what resonates with your followers. Do your keyword research to find terms that are fun and engaging.



6. Pinterest Promoted Pins

If you have a marketing budget, putting a little ad money behind your Pinterest pins with give you a boost and more traffic. You can target your audiences by location, demographics and search words. Try it!

how promote quiz


7. Other Facebook Groups

Share your quiz in the FB groups where your ideal customer is hanging out. You’ll want to pay attention to the Facebook group’s rules. Most groups have a no spam or no-link-sharing policy. BUT there will be share threads to promote yourself. There will also be ample opportunities to answer another member’s questions and serve them with your quiz. Just keep it authentic and not spammy.


8. Your Facebook Group

Post your quiz in your own top-of-funnel free Facebook group and make it part of the welcoming sequence for all new members. Have your quiz marked as an announcement so that everyone sees it.

Put the quiz link and CTA in the group description. And put the quiz link in your welcome video.

In your regular welcome post where you tag all the new members members, give them the next steps by asking them to introduce themselves and share their quiz results.

Make regular posts about your quiz and get creative. Switch things up. I love a good poll post –  “Have you taken the quiz yet?” – that gets attention.

And utilize your group cover photo. It’s prime real estate! Just put the quiz link in the cover photo caption so when someone clicks on the cover photo the quiz link pops up.


 how promote quiz

9. Your Facebook Business Page Cover Photo

Just like in your FB group cover photo, you could promote your quiz (or any lead magnet for that matter) on your Facebook page using the cover photo. The key is to have a button so when a FB user clicks on the photo it expands and they will see the cutline with the link.


10. Your Email List

This may seem pointless at first. Isn’t the point of a quiz to build your email list, and  not to tap into the list you already have? YES. But if you email your list and ask quiz takers to reply with their results it will be great for your email deliverability. (The email servers will see the reply and the back and forth real conversation and see your account as NOT spammy.)

The KEY is in asking your email subscribers to SHARE the quiz with their friends who would be good fit. So in your original email, ask them to forward the email. Consider a contest to get the best results and reward those who forward!


11. Blog Content

Create evergreen, SEO-minded content based on the results of your quiz and use your quiz as the main CTA within the content. This is great for capitalizing your top search phrases and terms that your ideal customer is already searching in Google. Now the SEO game is a long-term one, but it’s great in driving organic FREE traffic.

For example, if your quiz has four results, consider writing an article that discusses these different results, comparing and contrasting them, with a dive deep into one of the results. Your blog should be at least 300 words, which really isn’t much. You also have the opportunity to write cornerstone content which would be 2,000 words and appear stronger in the search results.

I encourage you to use SEO tools to find search phrases related to your quiz and then create content based on that top phrases. I recommend: Ubersuggest, Keywords Everywhere, Semrush or Moz. This is how your ideal customer is going to find your content while you’re sleeping …. for free!


12. Reels & TikTok

Don’t discount quick and entertaining videos on Instagram and/or TikTok. Not every video has to be you doing a challenge or a goofy dance. Consider doing an educational video with floating text bubbles to describe your quiz results. Try to pique their interest and create FOMO — make the video watcher wonder which result they are — then ask them to take the quiz. Get creative and make video content just for your quiz!


13. Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebook ads are a powerful tool for getting new leads to take your quiz. I love to help my clients gain traction and get new leads using paid traffic. I’ve gotten the cost per leads to be as low as .25 cents a lead. Right now, one of my quiz clients is getting .80 cents a lead and we got 1,000 new leads in 30 days after releasing her quiz. Facebook ads work!

There are a few reasons I encourage you to consider paid traffic ads for quizzes, especially if you are ahead of a launch:

  1. It allows you to test out your audiences and copy and your offers if you have that as part of your quiz funnel.
  2. It juices Facebook so when you do launch, your conversion ads are cheaper.

Basically you gotta pay to play on Facebook lately. Quizzes do well because everyone likes a fun quiz. They are not another boring, 1-dimensional PDF or Guide. Quizzes can deliver powerful results, leave your potential buys thinking “That’s so ME!” and wanting more from YOU.


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If you just need help coming up with a quiz idea, Linda has a great freebie to help you nail your idea (and not waste time going down the wrong funnel).


How to Save 20% on the Best Online Quiz Maker

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The Takeaway: Creating a quiz is easy. The real work comes in learning how to promote the quiz funnel.


Ok at this point you may be asking, well can I see your quiz, Emily? How’d ya do it!?! Feel free to take it here.


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