How to Use a Private Podcast in Your Launch Strategy

How to Use a Private Podcast in a Waitlist Launch Strategy

If you’re a launch manager or supporting digital course creator clients, then you’re probably looking for new ways to improve your launch strategy and build a course waitlist of eager potential buyers. My advice: try using a private podcast. That’s what I did for my latest six-figure launch and it proved to be a highly effective strategy for converting leads into sales.

I’ve worked as a podcast manager and watched many of my friends launch private podcasts – both limited-time series or regular ongoing shows. 

How is a private podcast any different than a regular podcast? Well, someone can’t listen unless they give their email address first. It’s like a super secret audio event that you have to have an invitation for and a popular lead magnet for growing an email list. Hello Audio makes the tech so easy for you to set this up and put your podcast behind an email gate.

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I never felt compelled to create a private podcast since I already have a weekly public podcast called Unicorns Unite. My loyal listeners are freelance digital marketing assistants, specialists and managers. Each week, I share marketing tips, strategies, mindset, best practices and stories about how other marketing specialists achieved their dreams of building a profitable work-from-home business. I’m all about my unicorns being the best at their marketing services and charging more. It’s a free show and open to everyone on all the major listening platforms.

But, you know me! I was itching for a way to play with a limited-time private podcast in my business. I love trying new marketing tactics and tech … and reporting back to our Digital Marketer’s Workgroup members. 

So, I decided to create exclusively for those on my waitlist for my live cohort of the Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant School, my signature course and group coaching program that prepares digital marketing assistants to offer exceptional email, social, content and affiliate marketing services to paying clients like course creators, membership site owners, coaches, influencers and service providers. 

The quick results: the private podcast strategy worked well. So I’d like to give you the debrief so you can use this with your clients or for yourself!

In case you’re meeting me for the first time, I’m Emily Reagan. Since launching my freelance career in 2009, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with industry leaders like Jennifer Allwood, Miss Mustard Seed, Sage Polaris, and Copy Chief. I’ve been involved in a lot of launches and built many high-converting funnels.

Now I teach students to do that same marketing work and more in my Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant School. I also connect experienced freelancers with my network, quality leads, resources and trainings in my Digital Marketer’s Workgroup, a thriving tight-knit membership community of freelance digital marketing assistants, specialists, and managers.

Marketers love private podcasts for sharing exclusive content and building loyal communities. It’s a way to grow email lists and be strategic with your best content, especially if it’s linear, step-by-step and helpful to the listener. But the real win is skyrocketing conversions.

And let’s be honest, as much as marketing is about growing and nurturing your audience, selling to your audience is essential for most businesses, right? The trick in making a private podcast work is meeting your audience where they’re at and delivering high-value content that edges them to a buying decision.

How I Used a Private Podcast in My Launch Strategy

A private podcast should be a natural extension of what you do but it needs to be strategic and fit into your business. I wanted to use it to nurture my waitlist, get them excited to buy my marketing assistant program and prepare them to have success as a freelance marketing assistant.

I used a private podcast in my launch strategy to give my waitlist that extra push. Two weeks from the cart open period, I dropped four episodes to give them a 10% edge to really stand out from all the other dime-a-dozen virtual assistants.

I wanted them to feel empowered and believe in themselves, picture what their future could look like if they became freelancers, understand how I was the best teacher to help them get there and learn what mistakes to avoid so they could be top of the hiring pool. I really cemented the community vibe and the goal of networking to be successful by inviting past UDMA School students and Digital Marketer’s Workgroup members. 

Episode 1 – I collected the best advice and lessons learned from fellow freelancers.

Episode 2 –  I had business peers tell inspiring stories of how VAs had helped them in their business.

Episode 3 – I pulled back the curtain to who was on my team and had each member share what they did in my business, what they did before freelancing and show their transformation.

Episode 4 – I asked biz friends to share what they wished their VA had done or knew.

You can see how these four episodes fast-tracked their knowledge, gave them confidence and positioned my program as a solution to working from home, doing work they’d love and getting paid well. The trifecta!

One third of my course buyers had listened to my private podcast, and I was able to nurture and convert those listeners into paying customers. A good conversion rate is 10% or higher and the average is 2-5%, so my 33% conversion rate proved that using a private podcast can be very effective as part of a launch strategy. 

When the cart closed, the private podcast “expired” and disappeared from everyone’s feed. What I love about this is it encourages the leads who are the most motivated to take action with a sense of urgency. I only want to attract action-takers, they will be the most successful freelancers and take care of their clients. The limited-time series shows me who’s serious about learning and moving forward.

Want the full scoop? Listen to my full Hello Audio podcast interview with the founders Lindsay Padilla and Nora Sudduth. We get really nerdy on marketing and they gave me great ideas on how to keep using private podcasts in my business.

Want to learn more about Hello Audio’s private podcasts?  Follow Hello Audio on Instagram for case studies, tips and tricks.

How to Use a Private Podcast in a Waitlist Launch Strategy

The 2nd Way I used a Private Podcast in My Business

I didn’t stop there. Hello Audio made the process so easy to set up that I decided to try it out to deliver my UDMA School coaching call replays to help my students consume on the go. My students are busy stay-at-home moms and professional women in 9-to-5s or already-working virtual assistants with paying clients. They’re all not the type to sit around. They’re juggling other commitments, work, volunteer opportunities and their personal lives, hobbies and families.  

If they had to miss a live weekly call, I didn’t want them to feel guilty or live tied to a computer screen or Zoom room, especially when I teach my students the skills to work online as a digital marketing assistant so they can have freedom and flexibility. I created a private podcast with just the course material from our live calls. It was only available to my students. It made my course content more accessible and digestible, especially for auditory learners. 

Each week after the live call, I trimmed the audio in Garageband and uploaded it into Hello Audio. Any student who had subscribed to the private podcast got the episode on their phones. Easy! Now they could listen on the go when they’re driving to soccer games, doing some last-minute shopping for dinner, secretly in the cubicle with AirPods or at the orthodontist’s waiting room with their kids and never miss advice on running their own business or managing clients.

If you’re a digital marketing assistant who supports course creators, this is an excellent add-on service to help their students attend the calls, consume the lessons and gain value. This is so valuable because the more students who get to the finish line and experience results, the easier it is to sell to the next student! 

Good news! Members of our Digital Marketer’s Workgroup have an entire private podcast tech lesson on how to do this for clients, including a private podcast checklist, and training module on Podcast Management. So it’s off to the races (and the bank) when you offer this service to clients.

How to Use a Private Podcast in a Waitlist Launch Strategy

A private podcast can become your launch strategy’s secret weapon for building your online course waitlist, attracting eager students, and turning leads into conversions.

Keep these things in mind:

Why a Private Podcast?

Let’s face it, there are a lot of online courses out there and the market is becoming saturated, so standing out these days requires a unique approach. A private podcast offers several advantages over traditional marketing methods:

  • Exclusivity and connection: Public podcasts are great for general brand awareness, but a private podcast helps you build a closer connection with your ideal audience. Your listeners feel like they’re part of a special group and they’re more invested and engaged.

  • Targeted content: You can curate your content specifically for your target audience, addressing potential students’ pain points, and showcasing your expertise. Deliver these bite-sized lessons directly to your audience to build trust and your authority as a course creator.

  • Community building: Private podcasts allow for discussions and Q&A sessions, which foster a sense of community among your listeners. It’s not content that’s broadcasted to the world; it’s exclusive, it speaks to them and it builds anticipation for your course launch.

Building Your Pre-Launch Buzz

Here’s how you can leverage your private podcast to create a healthy waitlist:

  • Content that educates and excites: Focus on delivering valuable, actionable content that directly relates to your course. Don’t just sell; offer practical tips, answer common questions, and share success stories from past clients.

  • Intrigue with teasers: Sprinkle your content with exciting teasers about your upcoming course. Mention the key benefits, exclusive bonuses, and any early-bird discounts you may offer. This creates a sense of anticipation and encourages listeners to register.

  • Calls to action: Don’t be shy about including clear calls to action at the end of each episode. That’s why you’re doing this! Direct your listeners to a landing page where they can sign up for your waitlist or get early access notifications.

Pro Tips for Your Private Podcast

Here are some more tips to ensure your private podcast becomes a waitlist-building powerhouse:

  • High-quality audio: Invest in good recording equipment and basic editing software. Crystal-clear audio makes the listening experience more enjoyable and professional.

  • Planned release schedule: Just like every great podcast, consistency is key. If you’re doing an on-going podcast, decide on a regular release schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.) and stick to it. This keeps your audience engaged and coming back for more. If you’re doing a limited-time series like I did, have a plan so you can tease the episodes and be clear when the podcast will expire.

  • Promote your private podcast strategically: Leverage your existing audience by promoting your private podcast on your social media and to your email list. Offer valuable free content in exchange for email signups and encourage existing followers to join your exclusive community.

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The Takeaway:

A private podcast can transform from a simple audio recording to a powerful marketing tool for generating excitement and building a dedicated waitlist for your course, so make sure to incorporate this valuable element into your next launch strategy. Another great way course creators can use private podcasts is by creating an audio course because they’re so easy to consume. 

Not a course creator? Try using a private podcast as a lead magnet to deliver valuable content to on-the-go audiences, or host an audio summit that people can listen to on their own schedule. You can use it to better serve your membership group or offer coaching replays for people who can’t make it to live sessions. There are so many possibilities!

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Emily Reagan is a mom of four, milspouse, freelance digital marketer and Virtual Assistant coach who has helped 400 go-getters, including military spouses, stay-at-home moms, and professional women learn in-demand skills and find flexible remote work as digital marketing assistants and specialists. She’s shared 2,000+ job leads with her freelance marketers & VA community.

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