Former Public Relations/ Communications Director – turned Stay-at-Home Mom of 4 and Military Spouse.

Former Public Relations/ Communications Director – turned Stay-at-Home Mom of 4 and Military Wife.

PR and helping other small business owners is my passion.

I’ve been working online for 10+ years since I had my son. I’m a military spouse and move way too often to keep working and I wanted to be home. I started with one freelance client just to keep my brain engaged and help them with Facebook … and I quickly discovered that online business owners needed my help and my random digital media skill set.

I kept learning and learning and implementing. I was a workhorse.

I was turning down so much work when I realized that I could easily spread the job leads and help my smart, over-educated, under-employed military spouse and mom friends find flexible, part time work in my digital marketing world. At the same time, I would be helping business owners who were desperate to find reliable, honest, resourceful go-getters for their team. So I trained my friends!

With my husband deployed for a year, I went into action to reduce my 1:1 work and start teaching “VAs” in my 5-week program

I teach “unicorns” who are not just admin VAs – but a VA with the digital media and marketing skills to plug herself/himself into an online business and essentially help with everything. Often times, this is the first hire by a solopreneur. I call them unicorns because of their wide skillset and they are hard to find but a dream come true to any business owner. And they grow with teams and make excellent online business managers down the road.

I’m carving out work and visibility for other women with this unique skillset.

Podcasts & Speaking Ops

I would love to help your audience move forward with their struggles and building momentum in their business. In addition to speaking about best practices in digital media marketing, I am the expert in hiring and utilizing digital media “unicorn” virtual assistants.

Topic Suggestions:

🎤 So you’re ready to hire a VA? What to do first.

🎤5 Mistakes Solopreneurs Make With their First Hire

🎤 Who makes an Exceptional Virtual Assistant

🎤 How to Dive into the Online Business World & Get Hired as a VA

🎤 5 Steps to Growing an Online Business


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How do I onboard someone?

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