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Case Study

Jinny Beyer Studio

Challenges: The flagship studio is closing. All in-person workshops and classes will cease.

Opportunities: Online sales. Bring the brand to life online, grow an online audiences, increase fabric and kit sales online, elearning digital product sales.



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Purpose: Drive Immediate Sales. 

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If you found me because you heard about this “VA” opportunity…


This is the right place. I teach digital marketing strategies and tech skills to smart women who want to be hired as a Unicorn VA… someone who can do everything and be willing to learn. Not just an admin VA.

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    My Story

    I am a military spouse so I have had a gazillion jobs related to marketing, public relations, news and digital media.

    And now all our moving around and that crazy resume of mine is finally paying off.

    I have combined my journalism & electronic media background with online business strategies and I’ve been helping business owners online for the last 10 years as freelancer.

    Only recently did I start training potential VAs outside of my own team. I discovered that there are too many clients who need help from reliable, smart, well-rounded virtual assistants and I knew plenty of military spouses, stay-at-home moms and friends who could rock this kind of work. And then I help my students get hired in the online space.

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      I would love to help you acquire the skills and the contacts you need to get the virtual work that I love!

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