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Pinterest Insider Tip for Pinning VAs by Emily Reagan PR

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I recently spent some time doing Pinterest marketing research for one of my clients. And, I discovered that there’s a huge Pinterest tip that very few bloggers and influencers are using.

My jaw dropped to the floor. I am dumbfounded that so many influencers are not doing this.

My background is in public relations and my former full-time was event marketing, so my PR hat is always on. And public relations online is quickly becoming more about influencer marketing… aka pitching social media brand collaborations. I can’t help but always have PR in the back of my mind when working for clients… it’s all related. Even though this new client hired me to do Pinterest, I have tons of crossover.

So this just shocked me… and I had to share this Pinterest tip with you. It’s something you should immediately do for your personal branded clients who are (or want to be!) influencers….

Pinterest Pinning Blogger Influencer by Web Hosting for Emily Reagan PR

The Pinterest Tip

Inside your client’s profile name be sure to include the word(s) “blogger” or “influencer”.

For real. That simple.

I do searches for bloggers & influencers on Pinterest for my client to work with, and the most simple way to do this is search with those two key words in the Pinterest search bar…

And look!!

Only one person showed up!!!! ONLY ONE.

I searched “Ohio Blogger” under the default settings first … “all pins”:

Pinterest Tip for VAs of bloggers and influencers by Emily Reagan PR

Then, I searched “Ohio Blogger” under “People”:

Last, I searched “Ohio Influencer” under “People” …NADA:

Everyone is so focused on Instagram right now … of course my client and I are looking there too, but we want powerful influencers on Pinterest too! And these potential partners are making it hard on me by not doing something soooooo simple, like putting keywords in the right place.

Let’s cut to the chase

To capitalize on Pinterest as a search engine, the best thing you can do for your client on Pinterest, if they want to work with brands, online or locally is: have “Blogger” or “Influencer” in their Name & Profile Description on Pinterest. Your client will rank first because this is being under utilized by so many others.

At the very least, put the location or niche industry keywords in these places.

Here I searched my place of interest and got relevant pinners I connected with:

Here I searched “furniture painter” (as my niche industry) because I want to connect with someone who has clout and presence to help me promote the event. I got lots of options.

For this client I am looking at local influencers, so the niche is only going to work if I pair with a place location.

Since I want my clients to be picked up as local influencers, you’d better believe I added better keywords to their Pinterest profile names to help them get discovered. This Pinterest tip is fast and easy to do, but it will make a huge difference for your clients.

I added it to Tracey’s profile name, and she’s already showing up as the top hit. I’m also working on pitching her as a local influencer to a few San Antonio events that are related to her industry. Because I just don’t think Kim Kardashian will be available those weekends. LOL

What’s next?

You need to add Pinterest marketing skills to your VA resume to be relevant in this industry. Ultimately, small business owners want to hire someone who can help them do a little bit of everything online … you know, the unicorn.

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Stay posted for my next insider tips!

-Emily, Digital Media Consultant (and Virtual Assistant …)

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