In-demand, Profitable Niches for Virtual Assistants in 2022

10 Profitable Niches for Virtual Assistants - Virtual Assistant Job Ideas

Lessons from a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant who actually does the work.

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Freelancer opportunities have exploded over the last three years. As the market changes and hiring pool adapts, there are clear, profitable niches for service providers that are more profitable than others.

First of all, know that I’ve been freelancing since 2009, and I’ve seen firsthand what online business owners are seeking to hire and what they need help with, and the services they are truly willing to pay top dollar for. I teach my students in my Digital Media VA Crash Course to be well-rounded assistants/ team players by learning the foundation of all online business and digital marketing… to NOT get stuck on a finding the perfect niche.

As you gain experience, on-the-job training and work with a few clients, you’ll start to see tasks that you enjoy more, that are in your zone of genius. Awareness is the key that will bring you clarity. When the client brings on new independent contractors and teammates, you can pass off the tasks that you don’t enjoy, aren’t good at and don’t want to do, essentially up-leveling and promoting yourself within the team.

But before we do that let’s understand one major thing happening in the online space:

Online business owners are hiring repetitive, admin tasks overseas to virtual assistants. Sometimes even highly specialized tasks like video editing, podcast editing, etc.

So how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd? Don’t just be a clock-in, clock-out admin virtual assistant.

Be a versatile digital marketing specialist and a team player that small business owners truly want on their team.

Differentiate with strategy, implementation and fill in in the gray space of being a project manager, taking responsibility for your results, reporting data and analytics and helping with the big picture vision.

Be a unicorn.

That’s how you stay competitive.

My goal for you is to discover your niche in this experience phase so you can demand more money and work closely with high-paying clients. Still embrace your “unicornness” by combing digital marketing tasks and strategy advisement in service that makes you top-notch, rare and irreplaceable.

I’ve broken it down to 10 in-demand, profitable niches for virtual assistants based on the job opportunities coming my way via These are mainly jobs from course creators, membership site owners, coaches, service providers, e-commerce shop owners, bloggers, influencers and sometimes brick and mortar businesses.

They want to hire a teammate, side kick, implementer for their team. Be those things and care about their business. Get results.

One other thing when it comes to profitable niches for virtual assistants:

Know the difference between cost-based pricing and value-based pricing.

Cost-based pricing is trading time for money, it’s charging for the exact time it takes to execute tasks. It lends itself to an hourly rate.

Cost-based pricing is the simplest to calculate and means that profit margins are somewhat fixed. You want to move away from this pricing zone because you will always be capped at an hourly rate. Your time turns into a commodity. There is a ceiling price, the maximum the market will bear for that service. Example: business owners will not want to pay $100+/hour for administrative services… ever. With cost-based pricing, you’re at risk to be replaced with overseas assistance or anyone who can do it for less.

Value-based pricing means you can charge based on the benefits perceived by the client. It lends itself to project free. (but is not the same as project pricing)

You’re pricing your services based on the value it brings to the client. It disconnects your earnings from your time. Example: writing a sales page that could bring in 100k in revenue. Your clients could pay anywhere from 5k-20k for that page. The time it took to write doesn’t matter, but the results do.

Value-based pricing requires you to know the client’s goals, KPIs, project goals and the monetary of what you’re creating.

So when you’re choosing a niche, aim for the services that offer higher value and are closer to the sale. Think sales pages, launches, email campaigns, ads, affiliate marketing, etc. Even for newer freelancers, service providers and virtual assistants, there is a lucrative sweet spot for the tasks that actually make the clients money and get results.

Ok, now let’s get into the job titles and areas to focus on that go beyond being a virtual assistant where you can charge more..

After all “the riches are in the niches.”

Profitable Niches for Digital Marketing Virtual Assistants

This video will go into more detail. Here’s the info about where to find virtual assistant jobs on my YouTube channel:

10 Profitable Niches for Virtual Assistants

Discover 10 Profitable Niches for Virtual Assistants. These are 10 niches that will help you level up your virtual assistant business and bring in more money…

1) Executive Assistant

Take your administrative skills up the ladder as an executive assistant to a 7-figure or 8-figure entrepreneur. Click here to learn more about using administrative skills in the online space.

2) Customer Relations Manager

If you’ve got the people skills and solid workflows that help clients retain and delight their customers, promote yourself on up so you are managing teams.

3) Social Media Manager

If you’re helping with scheduling and writing posts and engaging on social media, step it up as a social media manager by bringing strategy to the table. An all-star social media manager can charge 2k+ a month for one client. Learn about beginning social media tasks here.

4) Paid Traffic / Ads Manager

Now we’re getting closer to the sale by using paid ads to bring in traffic and sales, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, LinkedIn all offer advertising. I know ads managers that charge between 2-5k a month per client. Listen to this podcast episode to learn more about the opportunities with ads.

5) Podcast Manager

If you’re already helping clients, plan and promote their podcasts, give yourself a promotion to Podcast Manager and bring strategy to the table. You can work closely with the podcast editor, content team and graphic designers to manage the entire podcast project. Read more about podcasting services here.

6. Tech & Automations Expert

Bottomline, if you can do tech and integrate platforms, you should own that with your title. It takes years for someone to learn these skills across many tech stacks. Think about the lock smith who charges $300 and it takes him 3 minutes to pick a lock because it took him/her years to gain the experience to work fast and get results. This is value-based pricing at its finest.

7. Community Manager

Between free and paid student communities on Facebook, business owners are community-focused when nurturing and serving their audiences. Bring your engagement strategies, systems and ideas to the table and level up to a Community Manager. I’ve got a Facebook Community Manager Training here designed to help you master skills and strategies to step up into this crucial role.

8. Content Manager

If you can write, repurpose content, format blogs and understand SEO, promote yourself to a content marketing manager and fully take this over. Your content can help

9. Launch Manager/ Affiliate Manager

If you’re filling the role as project manager on a team, might as well morph into the projects that are value-based like managing launches or affiliate programs because they make money for the client.

10. Pinterest Manager

Another great niche for virtual assistants who have unicorn skills: SEO, graphic design and content marketing. Pinterest is very powerful and getting traffic, creating lead generation and converting to sales. Learn more about Pinterest marketing strategies here.

How do you know what services to niche in?

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If you’re brand new I don’t recommend niching down from the beginning. Listen to this podcast if you’re trying to figure out your specialization.

How to find your perfect niche

Let’s talk about NICHING DOWN with your freelance business. Don’t let this keep you STUCK.

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My course will not only give you a solid foundation of digital marketing knowledge and tech skills – it will also give you loads of insider tips and direct job leads from my own network.

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The Takeaway: If you want to make more money, level up your job title inside a profitable niche. Position yourself for your dream job… now using these niches for virtual assistants.

If you’re already doing the digital marketing work, really hone in on the strategy skills that will differentiate yourself from the sea of virtual assistants.

These examples are broad-range managerial, you can always hone in on a speciality skill like:

  • web design
  • copywriting
  • graphic design
  • video editing

There are many opportunities for you to carve out your own unique niche with time, experience and clarity. But start by making yourself the invaluable team player … the unicorn!

I hope to see you in my network soon!

– Emily, Digital Marketing Implementer and VA Coach

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