In-Demand, Profitable Niches for Virtual Assistants in 2024

10 Profitable Niches for Virtual Assistants - Virtual Assistant Job Ideas

Lessons from a Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant who actually does the work:

Looking for niches for virtual assistants? You’re in the right place because I share job leads with my community, and I’ve seen it all!

Freelancer opportunities have exploded over the last three years. As the market changes and the hiring pool adapts, there are clear niches for service providers that are more profitable than others.

First of all, know that I’ve been freelancing since 2009, and I’ve seen firsthand what online business owners are seeking to hire, what they need help with, and the services they will pay top dollar for. I teach my students in the Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant School to be well-rounded assistants/ team players by learning the foundation of all online business and digital marketing… to NOT get stuck on finding the perfect niche.

As you gain experience, on-the-job training, and work with a few clients, you’ll start to see tasks that you enjoy more and that are in your zone of genius. Awareness is the key that will bring you clarity. When the client brings on new independent contractors and teammates, you can pass off the tasks that you don’t enjoy, aren’t good at, and don’t want to do, essentially up-leveling and promoting yourself within the team.

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But before we do that let’s understand one major thing happening in the online space:

Online business owners are outsourcing repetitive, admin tasks overseas to virtual assistants. Sometimes, even highly specialized tasks like video editing, podcast editing, etc.

So how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd? Don’t just be a clock-in, clock-out admin virtual assistant.

Be a versatile digital marketing specialist and a team player who small business owners truly want on their team.

Differentiate with strategy and implementation, and fill in the gray space of being a project manager, taking responsibility for your results, reporting data and analytics, and helping with the big-picture vision.

Be a unicorn.

That’s how you stay competitive.

My goal for you is to discover your niche in this experience phase so you can demand more money and work closely with high-paying clients. Still embrace your “unicornness” by combining digital marketing tasks and strategy advisement in service that makes you top-notch, rare, and irreplaceable.

I’ve broken it down to 10 in-demand, profitable niches for virtual assistants based on the job opportunities coming my way via These are mainly jobs from course creators, membership site owners, coaches, service providers, e-commerce shop owners, bloggers, influencers and sometimes brick-and-mortar businesses.

They want to hire a teammate, sidekick, or implementer for their team. Be those things and care about their business. Get results.

Profitable Niches for Digital Marketing Virtual Assistants

This video will go into more detail. Here’s the info about where to find virtual assistant jobs on my YouTube channel:

10 Profitable Niches for Virtual Assistants

Discover 10 Profitable Niches for Virtual Assistants. These are 10 niches that will help you level up your virtual assistant business and bring in more money in your business. I teach my students to be Unicorns and learn the basics of all things online business and marketing but when you find a niche that you excel in you can demand more money and work closely with high paying clients.

Of course all rates, salaries are impacted by location, education, experience and company. For this article we are using an online client base of course creators, membership site owner, coaches, influencers, service providers, podcast hosts, authors, thought leaders, content creators, etc.

1. Executive Assistant

Take your administrative and organizational skills up the ladder as an executive assistant to a 7-figure or 8-figure entrepreneur. An executive assistant serves the C-suite executive; think: CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CCO, etc. Your job is to free up their time so the C-level executive can focus on the higher-level meetings and decision points required of their position. In the day-to-day, executive assistants handle office-management duties, making travel arrangements, handling calendar events, organizing reports and documents, answering phone calls, setting up meetings, etc. Different than an admin assistant who could be working in a business department with similar tasks. Click here to transfer your administrative skills to the online space.

Executive Assistants in the online space command rates of $25-50/hr, with the average hourly pay for an Executive Assistant in the United States is $30.99 an hour.

2. Customer Relations Manager/Customer Success Manager

If you’ve got the people skills and solid workflows that help clients retain and delight their customers, promote yourself so you are managing teams and responsible for taking care of clients, troubleshooting their needs, recovering payments and more. Tap into your ability to manage inbox, communities, and calendars and stay on top of client communications. If you can help make sales from warm leads in the inbox, you can charge more too! Variations: Customer Happiness Expert and Customer Service.

Customer Success Managers in the online space command rates of $30-45/hr.

3. Social Media Manager

If you’re helping with scheduling and writing posts and engaging on social media, step it up as a social media manager by bringing strategy, management and implementation to the table. Of course skills require content planning, messaging, copywriting, AI, graphic design, and video editing, and learning social media scheduling tools. Learn beginning social media tasks here.

Social Media Managers command rates of $25-50/hr. The average hourly rate for social media managers is $33.79 per hour. An all-star social media manager can charge 2k+ a month for one client in packages/project rates.

4. Paid Traffic / Ads Manager

Now we’re getting closer to the sale by using paid ads to bring in traffic and sales. Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, LinkedIn all offer advertising. I know ads managers that charge between 2-5k a month per client. Listen to this podcast episode about opportunities with ads. Right now YouTube Ads and Google Ads are HOT HOT HOT.

Meta Ads Managers work in monthly retainer packages anywhere from $1,000-$5,000/month and requiring clients to cover the ad spend (starting at another $1,000/month)

5. Podcast Manager

If you’re already helping clients plan and promote their podcasts, give yourself a promotion to Podcast Manager and bring strategy to the table. You can work closely with the podcast editor, content team, and graphic designers to manage the entire podcast project. Read about podcasting services here. Start out as a podcast assistant and work your way up to managing the entire production from guest management, content creation and scripting, securing sponsors, promotion and growth.

Podcast Managers start at $500-$2,000/month.

6. Tech & Automations Expert

Bottom line, if you can do tech and integrate platforms, you should own that with your title. It takes years for someone to learn these skills across many tech stacks. Think about the locksmith who charges $300 and it takes him 3 minutes to pick a lock because it took him/her years to gain the experience to work fast and get results. This is value-based pricing at its finest. Read this article: What is a Tech VA?

🔥 2024 Tip: Bringing AI into Operations and Marketing Systems will make you stand out. There’s a whole new role forming here with a chance for you to stand out and advance quickly.

Tech Virtual Assistants & Automations Experts start at $50-$75/hour and can offer project rates depending on the outcomes and tech.

7. Community Manager

Between free and paid student memberships and communities, business owners are community-focused when nurturing and serving their audiences. Bring your engagement strategies, systems and ideas to the table and level up to a Community Manager. I’ve got a Facebook Community Manager Training here designed to help you master skills and strategies to step up into this crucial role. Of course this “community” doesn’t just have to be on Facebook. Read: How to Become a Community Manager.

Community Managers can charge hourly $25-55/hour or offer retainer packages of $500-$1,500/month. Depending on the size of the group and responsibilities. This also opens the doors to Membership Manager, who becomes more responsibility for the growth and retention and can also charge more.

8. Content Manager

Beyond one single social media platform… if you can write, repurpose content, blogs, emails, guest blogging, nurture/welcome sequences and understand SEO, promote yourself as a content marketing manager and fully take this over. Your content will drive traffic and email leads … which equals $$$! This is going beyond one social media channel, but you can always specialize in platforms too: think TikTok, YouTube, or Pinterest! When you can do implementation and strategy, you are a true unicorn teammate. This is the essence of what we learn as a digital marketing assistant. You should get started here in the UDMA School and work your way up using our job leads. Content Management can have many variations. Read: How to Become a Content Manager.

Content Managers in the online space command $35-65/hour. The average hourly pay for a content manager in the United States is $38.91. The more you specialize in copywriting and messaging, the more you can charge for your packages, typically $500-$2,000/month.

9. Launch Manager/ Affiliate Manager

If you’re filling the role as project manager on a team, might as well morph into projects that are value-based like managing launches or affiliate programs because they make money for the client. I have an entire podcast series about launching and working as a launch manager and a free download for how to get started in Launch Management. Read: How to Become a Launch Manager.

Launch Managers usually take a profit share from the revenue made in a launch. Newer launch managers may charge hourly $45-65/hour for clients who don’t have repeatable launches or a history of successful launches. With bigger, proven clients, Launch Managers will charge larger project rates like $10,000-$30,000 per launch, sometimes with a profit share too.

10. Pinterest Manager

Another great niche for virtual assistants who have unicorn skills: SEO, graphic design, and content marketing. Pinterest is very powerful and gets organic traffic, creates lead generation, and converts to sales. Learn about Pinterest marketing strategies here. I started out with this work because it gave me maximum autonomy and schedule freedom.

Pinterest Managers charge in monthly packages $300-$1000/month depending on the amount of content and video editing and the client’s goals. Beginners charge $20-30/hour, while experienced Pinterest Managers will be $35-50/hour. This does NOT include content creation of the original blog or vlog.

11. Copywriter

If you have any kind of talent for writing or just love writing, I encourage you to look into copywriting. This is an untapped, unsaturated market for copywriters who can help with emails, sales pages, landing pages, social posts, affiliate copy, show notes, scripts, and blogs. Freelancer writers need to charge no less than $50/hour. I have a podcast series on copywriting, listen here. I mean, in this day and age, even with ChatGPT, knowing messaging and basic copywriting is just required! You also need it for your own business. DM me on Instagram @emilyreaganpr about which copywriting course may be right for you.

Copywriters usually charge in project rates. But when quoted hourly, junior copywriters are $50-80/hr and top copywriters charge $100-500/hour. Read the AWAI pricing guide for a breakdown of rates.

12. Marketing Assistant

Gone are the days where a general virtual assistant can successfully do the work for an inbound marketer. It’s too intricate. Too technical. And too important. Clients and business owners expect anyone who is helping with marketing to understand strategy and pull in the marketing efforts into a cohesive marketing plan. A marketing assistant, marketing coordinator or marketing specialist is just the teammate to keep the marketing ecosystem healthy and understand all the nuances of how these marketing pieces fit together. This marketer takes a client’s marketing strategy and implements it.

At a higher paid level, a marketing strategist creates the strategy while a marketing manager oversees the projects, deadlines, teammates and contractors doing the implementation work.

But the marketing assistant can use their knowledge of platforms, technical skills, content messaging and lead generation to do the work behind the scenes and gather the data so the higher-ups can make well-informed, data-driven decisions. This is what I teach inside the Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant School because it’s the gateway to becoming some of the well-paid managers in the niches above.

Marketing assistants can help with:

  • Formatting, scheduling weekly emails & tracking data
  • Creating graphics and videos
  • Publishing blogs
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media publishing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Website updates and landing pages
  • Tech automations

It’s a niche because it’s a job completely within the Marketing Department and NOT the same as an admin assistant or inbox support. Don’t confuse the two! Most often the marketing assistant is helping with inbound marketing but can be assisting a marketing manager with outbound marketing efforts.

I call it the marketing mailroom because it’s entry-level and gives you the max experience with marketing so you can climb up the ladder quickly to a marketing manager or online business manager role. All of us have to start here, but the quick learners and hard workers move up fast. Start by enrolling in my self study version of the Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant School. You’ll learn the core marketing services and how to set up your independent contractor business, find clients and build your own marketing assets.

Marketing Assistants charge $25-45/hour, depending on experience and quickly work their way up to manager and strategy roles listed above. It’s typical to create a 10hr/week package at $35, at $350/week and charge $1,400 a month per client work to include a host of marketing services and gain the experience to specialize and niche further.

How do you know what services to niche in?

⚡Related Podcast Alert: How to Find Your Perfect Niche

When you’re brand new, I don’t recommend niching down from the beginning. Listen to this podcast if you’re trying to figure out your specialization.

#85 How to find your perfect niche as a virtual assistant

Let’s talk about NICHING DOWN with your freelance business and being something other than a virtual assistant. Don’t let this keep you STUCK.

One other thing when it comes to profitable niches for virtual assistants:

Know the difference between cost-based pricing and value-based pricing.

Cost-based pricing is trading time for money, it’s charging for the exact time it takes to execute tasks. It lends itself to an hourly rate.

Cost-based pricing is the simplest to calculate and means that profit margins are somewhat fixed. You want to move away from this pricing zone because you will always be capped at an hourly rate. Your time turns into a commodity. There is a ceiling price, the maximum the market will bear for that service. Example: business owners will not want to pay $100+/hour for administrative services… ever. With cost-based pricing, you’re at risk to be replaced with overseas assistance or anyone who can do it for less.

Value-based pricing means you can charge based on the benefits perceived by the client. It lends itself to project fees. (but is not the same as project pricing)

You’re pricing your services based on the value it brings to the client. It disconnects your earnings from your time. Example: writing a sales page that could bring in 100k in revenue. Your clients could pay anywhere from 5k-20k for that page. The time it took to write doesn’t matter, but the results do.

Value-based pricing requires you to know the client’s goals, KPIs, project goals, and the money of what you’re creating. Once you have all your services and pricing nailed down, learn how to put it all together here: Steps To Building a Stellar Services and Pricing Guide with Smart Virtual Assistant Packages.

So when you’re choosing a niche, aim for the services that offer higher value, and are closer to the sale. Think sales pages, launches, email campaigns, ads, affiliate marketing, etc. Even for newer freelancers, service providers, and virtual assistants, there is a lucrative sweet spot for the tasks that actually make the clients money and get results.

Now let’s get into the job titles and areas to focus on that go beyond being a virtual assistant where you can charge more.

After all “the riches are in the niches.”

Ready to learn the digital marketing skills to kickstart your freelance service provider business?

I’ve got in-the-trenches experience and will teach you everything I know inside the Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant School.

If you’re brand new to the online space, or you’ve been working online for a while but are still struggling to get where you need to be, this is the course you need.

Because investing in your own growth and development is vital to finding (and getting hired for) those high-end virtual assistant online jobs.

My course will not only give you a solid foundation of digital marketing knowledge and tech skills – it will also give you loads of insider tips and direct job leads from my own network.

I usually don’t have the time to take on new clients of my own, and that’s why I need more unicorn VAs in my network! I need smart go-getters who I can connect to all of these business owners who are reaching out to me.

Or are you just starting to explore the idea of working online as a virtual assistant and aren’t quite ready to dive right in?

Then you might want to start in my FB group – the Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant Lab.

This is a great place to dip into the online space whether you’re brand new to the idea of working from home, or trying to build your virtual assistant biz.

Here you’ll discover free training, regular live videos from me, guest interviews with industry experts, and links to lots of relevant content.

Inside the group, you can also connect with plenty of online business owners and other work-from-home VAs who are building their new success stories.

Or maybe you’re already hustling as a successful virtual assistant and just need more opportunities to find those high-level jobs and opportunities?

Then check out my Digital Marketer’s Workgroup!

This members-only group is open (by application only) for highly skilled and successful unicorn virtual assistants and freelance marketers.

Inside you’ll make invaluable connections with other top-notch digital marketing professionals.

Not to mention the regular top-shelf tech training and virtual brainstorming sessions!

Insider networking with other working freelancers and virtual assistants is a golden opportunity.

Working from home definitely has its perks, but there are challenges too. Sometimes it feels lonely and isolating, right?

Not only do our members support and encourage each other, but I see so many job leads popping up there too.

There are frequent posts like, “Hey – my favorite client needs more help with XYZ but that’s not really my thing. Who here can help her?!?”

I am looking for digital service providers and virtual assistants who know:

  • email marketing
  • social media marketing
  • tech automation
  • website design/landing page design
  • video editing/graphic design
  • community management
  • customer service
  • marketing funnels
  • launch support
  • affiliate management
  • and more!

This group is intentionally kept small and personal and is one of my own favorite places to hang out online. If you think you might be a good fit – reach out and apply!

Learn how to work online as a unicorn virtual assistant - VA jobs with Emily Reagan PR

Curious about starting your own service-based business from home?

This list is for you!

Grab my list of digital marketing-related tasks and services that online business owners are outsourcing and always need help with.

This is a goldmine of services you could be offering to your clients in your digital marketing VA business.

The Takeaway

If you want to make more money, level up your job title inside a profitable niche. Position yourself for your dream job now using these niches for virtual assistants.

It’s ok to not have your niche figured out when you start. You can start messy, start dating the clients, and experiment with the work to discover what you like, love, and what you’re good at. It’s perfectly normal to test the waters before you go all in with a niche or specialty! Give yourself grace and permission to test.

If you’re already doing digital marketing work, really hone in on the strategy skills that will differentiate you from the sea of virtual assistants.

These examples are broad-range managerial, you can always hone in on a specialty skill like:

  • web design
  • copywriting
  • graphic design
  • video editing

There are many opportunities for you to carve out your unique niche with time, experience, and clarity. But start by making yourself the invaluable team player: the unicorn!

Before you go, make sure you grab my freebie for up-and-coming digital marketing freelancers and VAs – the top 10 tasks that business owners always need help with!

Cheering for you!

-Emily, Digital Marketing Consultant and Implementer

Emily Reagan is a mom of four, milspouse, freelance digital marketer and Virtual Assistant coach who has helped 400 go-getters, including military spouses, stay-at-home moms, and professional women learn in-demand skills and find flexible remote work as digital marketing assistants and specialists. She’s shared 2,000+ job leads with her freelance marketers & VA community.

Ask her any questions over on Insta @emilyreaganpr

“I help smart women learn the in-demand digital marketing strategies and profitable tech skills to get hired as a unicorn digital marketing assistant.“

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