Be a Virtual Assistant

What is a VA?


Basically, VAs do anything AND everything to help a small business owner move forward in their business. I specifically hire and train the digital marketing virtual assistants who do a little more than just admin.

It sounds like a dream job, no?

  • Working from home
  • Setting your own hours
  • Using your KSAs
  • Learning new tasks
  • Having a variety of work to choose from any given day
  • Having low job stress
  • Working with AMAZING Clients
  • Helping them SUCCEED in business
  • Getting TANGIBLE Results

As a stay-at-home mom, I love being a virtual assistant. I get to do ALL of the above. I didn’t even realize this was a thing and that someone would want my skill set. But it’s legit. You can have your cake and eat it too. You can be present for your kids, earn some extra cash and still use your degree/skillset/streetsmarts that sometimes feel like they’re going to waste.

Seriously. It’s going to be a wonderful thing if you want some extra dough, to learn something new and to engage your brain all while helping clients’ build their dream businesses!