10 Things You Need to Know – Hiring a Virtual Assistant

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10 Things You Need to Know About Working with Our Members

1. I will share your job opening with my Digital Marketer’s Workgroup

My team and I will post your job opening (jobopp) in my marketing students’ Facebook groups. Up to 10 of my freelancers will reach out to you. (I don’t want to overwhelm you!) It is up to YOU to schedule discovery calls and pick your teammate. I am not liable for your hiring decision.

2. About my unicorn students

This curated hiring pool has my unicorn students who have graduated from (or are currently taking) my Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant School or vetted marketing freelancers who applied and I approved.

This is an intense, comprehensive online business, digital marketing, and social media program that teaches: Online Business Sales Funnels Basics, SEO, Blogging, WordPress Basics, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Kajabi basics, and Live Webinar Support.

You are getting TRAINED AND QUALIFIED candidates.

My Workgroup has a mix of new and experienced freelancers who come from all different educational backgrounds, work histories, industry knowledge, and actual hands-on experience. You may have only newer unicorn digital marketing assistants reach out but know they have the tools, resources, network, and capability of performing as a digital marketing coordinator. You will pay more for a marketing strategist or other freelancers with specialized skills (see #5)

3. You are hiring for a values match & work ethic

Here’s the big secret: anyone can learn the ins and outs of a particular ESP (email service provider). But I can’t teach someone to have an honest, dependable, killer work ethic … or the hunger to keep learning and taking on new challenges … or the necessary nurturing of people and customer relations skills.

My DMAs don’t graduate knowing every little techie thing. There are way too many combinations of tech stacks to learn! My unicorns have the digital marketing training and ability to apply what they’ve learned to any situation. They can problem-solve and figure it out. I personally haven’t used Keap or Klavyio, and yet I’m fully capable of learning and doing it. That “requirement” would not keep me from applying for a job.

P.S. My DMAs and I never charge for the “learning time” if it’s something we can replicate for other clients.

4. What can Unicorn DMAs do? 

Business owners ask me all the time, “What else can my VA do?” I’ve written an article just for you with 10 tasks to offload to your unicorn. Click here to get the list. Not every task is in every VA’s wheelhouse. But it can’t hurt to ask!

If you can find a unicorn with a wide skillset, scoop up that unicorn! They get hunted fast!

5. What do Unicorn DMAs charge?

Most will charge hourly rates and want you to commit to monthly minimum hours as their retainer. Others have packages based on their services. Unicorns also price for project work . The hourly rates for BRAND NEW, NO EXPERIENCE VAs are $18-25/hr. My course graduates typically start at $25/hr and quickly move up to the $35-40/hr range. More technically advanced VAs and freelancers will be charging $50+/hr. If you need a technical or copywriting specialist to expect to pay $75+/hour or project only.

These freelancers are self-employed independent contractors/business owners who set their own prices.

They will work with you to create proposals and contracts and define the scope of work.

6. How many hours are required?

Each unicorn is different. Some want full-time hours for multiple clients, others would love to be hired full-time one day as part of a dream team, others want the flexibility of working 9-2, etc. You can start with as little as 4-5 hours a month or find a unicorn who is looking for 20+ hours a week. It all depends! Just know that over time the unicorn will ask you to commit to a “package” and charge you a monthly retainer, whether you give them enough work or not. As they book out, and he or she will, you may need to solidify your work needs and time commitment. Or you may find yourself in an over-time situation, where you are consistently requiring more hours or rushed projects from your VA, especially when they have a full client list. Be prepared to pay more when you are ill-prepared.

Also established, reputable digital marketing specialists and assistants will want larger retainer hours or project work. It is hard to find someone for a retainer of 4 hours a month when they have the talent and experience.

7. Ghosting is NOT COOL

My team and I are providing a free service. Please respond to your inquiries and let them know your decision. Thank you for treating the VA on the other side of the email as a person.

8. No Lead? Let’s Follow-Up

If you’re not hearing from anyone, feel free to follow up with my team. Please know this is a FREE service and we are not required to do so. We can provide feedback on your job description and why no one is applying.

If you are unhappy with the applicants for any reason, I encourage you to go back and re-read #2. You’re also welcome to post elsewhere, like in my free group below. There are plenty of other options.

9. Post in my Free FB Group

You can post your jobs and internships in my free group. Just know that you may not get a vetted course graduate from my program. Click here to join my Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant Lab Facebook group.

10. Clear is Kind

Your main goal here is to communicate expectations. You may not have all the answers to your business and what you need at this exact moment. The beauty of a unicorn DMA is she/he can implement (almost any) behind-the-scene tasks and you can use her/his network to hire to weaknesses or areas you need to grow down the road. Don’t be scared. There is so much flexibility. Communication is key. Focus on the 2-3 things you need off your plate, like yesterday.

🔥Hot Tip: 

Got someone on your team who could be your unicorn? I can teach your home-grown person the digital marketing skills, strategies, and tactics that you WISH they already knew. You can send your teammate through my Facebook Community Manager workshop or my in-depth Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant School.

  • You don’t have to hire a headhunter for 5k
  • You don’t have to hire an overseas VA
  • You don’t have to start with someone who doesn’t know your business at all
  • You don’t have to spend YOUR time teaching the online business formula and basics of sales funnel and revenue streams to your team

I’ll do the training. You bring the dynamo to teach.  

>> Send your VA through my Quickstart to FB Community Management NOW
>> Send your VA through the Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant School when it opens. (Get on the waitlist)

Stay in Touch

Instagram is the easiest and most fun @emilyreaganpr

My UDMA School grads know about all of the following tools, platforms, and skills:

  • Email Marketing
  • Blogging + SEO Optimization
  • List-Building Funnels
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Basic Website Updates – Kajabi & WordPress
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Facebook Community Management

Some may have advanced skills in:

  • Video Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Web Design

Pet Peeve of mine: Don’t Judge by IG Followers

Word of the wise. Just because a VA doesn’t have a robust social media presence, doesn’t mean they don’t know what they’re doing. In fact, I’d steer away from the VAs who have a huge social media following, they’re probably spending a lot of time online for themselves and will prioritize their business first and be looking for the next bigger client. My personal Pinterest account is tiny, yet my biggest client Miss Mustard Seed is at 7 million viewers a month. No judging, mkay?

“I have hired 2 VAs trained by Emily and they have quickly become valuable assets on my team! One is my content manager and the other is a community manager/Pinterest Strategist. They are so good at what they do! I got instant results and it has taken a load off my plate and allowed me to begin scaling my business.”

— Tamara Bennett” job_title=”Owner of Southern A-Door-nments Decor

“My new VA is fantabulous!! I’m so happy I hired both of them! She has been awesome, creative and has been such an asset to me and my business. She does Pinterest, SEO and Facebook Management.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart all the way to the top Emily!!”

—Sharon Kopko” job_title=”Owner and Founder of Pressed Paper and Print

Consider sending your admin VA or social media assistant through my Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant School to learn all these digital marketing implementation skills.

The UDMA School will open again in the fall. But if you get on the waitlist you can send your VA through the self-study.