The Greatest Comfort from My Virtual Assistance Work

Lessons from a Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant who actually does the work:

I am going to be really honest with you here. My entire employment has been dependent on my husband’s military career. Meaning we move often (every 1-3 years, I feel LUCKY if it’s ever 3.) And I have never had a job longer than 18 months. Every few years I have to start over with no connections. I don’t know the local media market. I have no “ins”.

It sucks.

I have always managed to get jobs related to my industry. I’ve managed to get the jobs I’m over-qualified for in those short, less-than-one year tours. I’ve managed to find less-than-ideal “settling” jobs where I still learned things and had great takeaways. I have even managed to get my dream jobs too. I have loved the challenge of learning new things quickly in all of these positions

But my salaries were always the same. It was hard to progress up the ladder. My job was just a bonus, never a decision factor or big player in our life. It was never the focus. And with that attitude I didn’t always have the passion for the job knowing I would have to move again and leave it. (Not that I didn’t work hard either!!!) I just came second.

I was burning out.

In the military, and maybe many corporate careers, you have NO say about where you move next and how much your spouse will be around to help with the kids. It can make working full-time and earning a full-time, livable income nearly impossible.

It can make you lose your career ambition and any dream you may have had.

I know this is a career sacrifice that we made knowingly. I would do it a thousand times over. I totally wanted to be home when I had my babies and feel so lucky I was able to do this. But eventually I came to point when my little freelance side gig turned into something more for me. And I ran with this new way of working online as a digital media consultant. (Sometimes I’m called a VA” or virtual assistant but I do so much more than that… but that’s another rant for later.)

I am now in a position that when my husband retires in two years, I have a business that will pay for the food on our table and pay the rent … without his income. And if I scale it right, like I teach unicorn digital marketing assistants (who are all virtual) to help business owners do online, I could very soon replace his full-time income.

But the greatest gift in all of this is not the money.

It’s job security for my future. For MYSELF

God forbid anything happens, I have rebuilt a career path from nothing. If I need to I can look out for myself. I can be totally independent. This is empowering. I have income coming in. I have given up so much as a military spouse married to a career guy. But I am not sacrificing myself.

I have filled in the gaps of my resume with my “side work”. If I need to go back to a 9-5 to support my family, I have absolute confidence I am hirable, desirable, experienced candidate for any social media manager, communications or public relations director position level with my peers.

And best of all, I have passion again running my own business and helping my clients, who I love dearly and enjoy working with. I LOVE seeing them earn online revenue and achieve their dreams.

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You could find your passion again, even as a mom or secondary-income earner. You could have a side hustle that brings you joy, challenges and personal growth. You could earn extra money to sock away for your future, for your family, for college, for soccer seasons or for your retirement. You could have a plan B if your marriage doesn’t work out or your career changes or if you decide to change lifestyles and be a nomad!

I completely encourage you to think about YOU and where YOU want to go with your life and what you want to do and who you can help, especially if you are married and playing second fiddle to his/her career. That isn’t a bad thing, but there is way to make it an even better thing by having “your own thing.”

If you’re interested in learning more about what I do as a social media manager, digital marker and virtual assistant helping small business owners remotely, DM me on Instagram or join my Facebook community here. You’re in the right place to start.

If you know of other remote work or something that would help you build your future, go for it!!!! I want to encourage all women to have their own thing, their own income and and a plan B where you depend on yourself.

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-Emily, Digital Marketing Consultant and Implementer


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