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Looking for legit work-from-home job opportunities? You’re not alone! Whether you’re brand new to working online as a virtual assistant, or you’re already building your own digital marketing business, finding clients is a huge concern. So today I’m sharing my top tips for where to find legitimate virtual assistant jobs so you can learn how to get hired online!

Trust me – I know it’s intimidating. I promise that there is plenty of work out there for virtual assistants and freelancers.

But yes – the scams are real. And it can be hard to dig out the real job leads from the scammers. Especially when you’re first getting started and don’t quite have your foot in the door.

So read up and pay attention, because these are my top five places where you can find legit work-from-home jobs and get hired as a unicorn virtual assistant!

Prefer to watch the video? Here’s the info about where to find virtual assistant jobs on my YouTube channel:

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1) Talk to your friends!

You really will be surprised how many people in your inner circle are small business owners!

Maybe they own a local cake shop or clothing boutique, or have started an online etsy store or blog.

Plus – I can guarantee that even if your friends don’t need help with a business of their own, they can probably connect you with someone else who does.

Just keep in mind that they might not even realize that they need a unicorn VA for their biz yet. So don’t be afraid to reach out and share with them the benefits of hiring their first VA.

Even if it’s just starting at a few hours every month, prove to them that you are a worthy investment.

But don’t be spammy and gross.

Don’t DM everyone you know and blow up their phone with annoying messages until they unfriend you.

Instead – simply share what you do and the services you offer that will help them. That might include managing social media, graphic design, SEO, customer support, etc.

Respect your relationship and focus on the mutual potential gain for both of you.

Try starting with an indirect ask. For example, “Do you know anyone who needs this kind of help?” and list one or two of the top services you offer.

You can often get your foot in the door by starting with a single task like managing a facebook group or setting up SEO on a website. Then, once you’ve shown your value, there are plenty of new services you can add over time!

2) Talk to other local business owners.

I’ll be honest. I think it’s easier to first get hired when you can meet face-to-face or already have an in-person connection.

It might go against the main principles of working online. And it’s definitely a challenge after a pandemic. But I think it’s truth.

You’ve gotta build that KWT (know-like-trust) factor. And when you’re brand new to the online space, it’s easier to start with more traditional person-to-person communication.

So take advantage of connections with local shops and stores where you already do business.

Consider everyone from your favorite clothing boutique, a trendy spa and salon, the corner mom-and-pop diner, or even the mechanic shop where you get your oil changed. Even some dentists’ offices and private medical practices are looking for opportunities to grow their marketing outreach!

The next time you go in, mention what you do and ask if they need help with specific services that you can offer.

Working part-time from home | VA side hustle job by Emily Reagan PR
Often you’ll find that local businesses are overwhelmed and have random employees trying to juggle their social media, etc, while also running the face-to-face business each day.

Case in point – remember Tim the security guard from the Cowboy Museum?!?

And don’t forget to look around for local businesses that you love that DON’T already have an active online or social media presence.

Maybe they need a website update, or help getting started with an online email and marketing campaign.

Talk to them about what services you can offer for them and what return on investment (ROI) they can anticipate with your help.

And reach out and chat whenever you’re at local events – craft fairs, family events, or chamber of commerce activities!

This is one area where the mom life helps me. I’ve taken my kids to events like car shows and started talking with others that are there.

If I casually mention what I do and throw around those magical unicorn terms like SEO and social media marketing, their ears perk up.

Without even trying, I usually walk away with a pocket full of business cards and usually I’m not even looking for new clients!

3) Pay to play.

I know this is cliché, but you do have to spend some money to make money.

Sure, there are plenty of free resources out there. And a good unicorn VA, who is tech-savvy and can learn on their own, can find those resources.

But sometimes it just isn’t enough.

So – take advantage of some of the online job resources out there – Fiverr, Indeed, Upwork,,

Create your profile and be prepared to pay the monthly membership fee or commission. (You can always increase your rates to help cover the expenses).

Just make sure you have your own biz set up and ready to go before you pay to put yourself out there!

Optimize your profile and make sure you have a solid social media presence, a link to your portfolio (or mock portfolio if this is your first client), and a professional looking photo.

Watch out for the scammers – they’re definitely out there. But these sites can still offer good opportunities to find virtual assistant jobs, too.

Unicorn Bank for clients giving job tasts to digital media virtual assistants by Emily Reagan PR

4) Facebook Groups

This is one of my favorite ways to find business owners in need!

I often find myself getting lots of messages and requests from overwhelmed business owners from these groups, even when I’m not looking for new clients or even trying to promote my services!

Identify your own personal areas of digital media interest and strengths. Then get into some related niche facebook groups that might focus on:

  • Local business owners and your city’s chamber of commerce
  • Online entrepreneurs like course creators, home decor bloggers, membership site owners, ecommerce boutiques and etsy marketers, etc (a lot of the big wig digital marketing gurus offer these free groups for business owners)
  • Tech platform support for any tools you love to use, like Kajabi, ConvertKit, etc.
  • General support for online business owners and bloggers (like the Boss Moms from Dana Malstaff)

Again, don’t be gross. Don’t be a lurker or a spammer who just drops your own links and self promotes.

This definitely isn’t the time to send out a bunch of spammy, unsolicited DMs to group members, begging for jobs.

And make sure you know and understand the rules for each group. Some don’t allow any links or self-promotion at all!

You don’t want to look desperate and needy.

Instead – chime in to offer genuine advice or answer questions whenever you can.

Basically – make sure you’re a valuable member.

Spoiler alert – group owners can see how active you are in the group. They’ll catch on quickly if you’re only there to suck up job leads without contributing anything meaningful to the group. It really isn’t a good look for you or your business.

So trust me. Do the work the right way, and you’ll get noticed. Entrepreuneurs will start sending you DMs or answering your comments with requests for follow-up.

5) Join my network!

Ok, call me biased (I am!). But I really believe this is one of the best opportunities out there for finding jobs and working online as a virtual assistant.

I’ve spent years working as a unicorn VA and digital marketing freelancer myself. And I’ve also worked with a lot of smart women who are just entering this online space.

I know it can be intimidating and challenging to get started and get your foot in the door.

That was a big part of the motivation for creating my own business to help support all of you – the up-and-coming VAs who are go-getters and just need that little bit of help to open the right doors.

Plus, offering access to the in-demand jobs you want to find as a virtual assistant.

And that’s why I have several ways you can jump right into my own network, right now:

Are you ready to make the leap and really learn how to work online as a virtual assistant?

Then the biggest opportunity for your success is my premium course, the VA Crash Course for digital media marketing and freelance virtual assistants.

If you’re brand new to the online space, or you’ve been working online for a while but are still struggling to get where you need to be, this is the course you need.

Because investing in your own growth and development is vital to finding (and getting hired for) those high-end virtual assistant online jobs.

My course will not only give you a solid foundation of digital marketing knowledge and tech skills – it will also give you loads of insider tips and direct job leads from my own network.

I can’t usually take on any new clients of my own, and that’s why I need more unicorn VAs in my network! I need smart go-getters that I can connect with all of these business owners who are reaching out to me.

Dreams don't work unless you do - ideal freelance clients for virtual assistants by Emily Reagan PR

Or, are you just starting to explore the idea of working online as a virtual assistant and aren’t quite ready to dive right in?

Then you might want to start in my free FB group – the Digital Media VA Lab .

This is a great place to dip into the online space whether you’re brand new to the idea of working from home, or trying to build your virtual assistant biz.

Here you’ll discover free trainings, regular live videos from me and guest interviews with industry experts, and links to lots of relevant content.

Inside the group you can also connect with plenty of online business owners and other work-from-home VAs who are building their new success stories.

Or maybe you’re already hustling as a successful virtual assistant and just need more opportunities to find those high-level jobs and opportunities?

Then check out my VA Workgroup!

This members-only group is open (by application only) for highly skilled and successful unicorn VAs.

Inside you’ll make invaluable connections with other top-notch digital media professionals.

Not to mention the regular top-shelf tech trainings and virtual brainstorming sessions!

The insider networking with other working freelancers and virtual assistants is a golden opportunity.

Working from home definitely has its perks, but there are challenges too. Sometimes it feels lonely and isolating, right?

Not only do our members support and encourage each other, but I see so many job leads popping up there too.

There are frequently posts like, “Hey – my favorite client needs more help with XYZ but that’s not really my thing. Who here can help her?!?”

This group is intentionally kept small and personal and is one of my own favorite places to hang out online. If you think you might be a good fit – reach out and apply!

Not only does Melissa Caputo share tips for getting hired, but she also gives you an idea of how to answer those tricky interview questions during your next discovery call.

Take a break and listen to my recent podcast episode:

The Intrepreneur who became marketing and operations specialist for a 7-figure team

She has always been someone who had her hands in a bunch of different things but knew she was developing her talent for something big.    Now Melissa Caputo embraces being the jill-of-all-trades in her marketing & operations role for Think Media – a 7-figure startup with YouTube expert Sean Cannell & Heather Ana Torres-Goitia.    She put her hand up for a low-level, part time position and turned a side hustle into something bigger.

The Takeaway: If you want to work online, you can find some great jobs for virtual assistants. You just have to know where to look.

Remember – it really only takes one good client to get started!

That first client will help boost your confidence and skills, so you can really bloom.

And guess what – once your client falls in love with you and your work, they’re going to spread the word. And before you know it, you’ll have their friends and fellow business owners reaching out to you for help!

Referrals are going to help your business explode.

Like I said – just don’t be afraid to pay to play.

Because investing in yourself and your business is worth it – whether it’s completing a course, building a formal business website for yourself, or signing up for a valuable membership.

Just be smart and spend your money where it counts the most.

Trust me – if you’re smart and you aren’t afraid to take the initiative, you’ll be able to find virtual assistant jobs.

And once you’re in the door and growing your business, you’ll be able to start scooping up the clients.

You’ll also be able to offer more specialized services, and getting paid more for your hard work!

It’s all going to be worth it.

I hope to see you in my network soon!

– Emily, Digital Media Virtual Assistant AND Small Business Owner

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