The brand whisperer who shares her best tricks for Instagram #71

The brand whisperer who shares her best tricks for IG

Busting your thumbs trying to show up on Instagram to get clients?

Or maybe you’re doing the opposite, completely avoiding the platform all together and hoping it will morph into a platform that just sends qualified clients your way automatically and effortlessly.

That’s not gonna happen. Ever.

You know the drill: you gotta show up to book out.

Branding Strategist Megan Otto gives us the quick-and-dirty rules when it comes to getting noticed on Instagram as a service provider.

After learning Instagram Marketing from Megan, you might actually have so much fun with it you end up busting and carpal-tunneling your thumbs. But that’s because you’re showing up authentically and having fun … and NOT stressing out and over thinking what to post.

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