The nurse who built a 7-figure biz with automations #69

The nurse who built a 7-figure biz with automations

Anyone here use essential oils? Krissy Chin was a registered nurse and mom of 2 who wanted a lifestyle that didn’t wear her down working 7-7 shifts. She wanted to be home, have a flexible work situation and build a business that

1. gave her freedom

2. made her lots and lots of money

Using her top-notch brain, she built a $1million subscription model business for essential oil biz owners and network marketers, and she did it WITHOUT a business degree while listening to her customers’ needs, repeating questions and pain points … AND making a conscious effort to work smarter, not harder.

I admire her for knowing what she wanted and going after it. GROworkspace will hit $2 million in the next month or two with an 80% profit margin.

I can’t wait for her to give you insight into how she grew her team, scaled her business and what the inside of her business looks like and how she pivoted into business coaching.

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