The Intrepreneur who became a 7-figure operations specialist #61

The Intrepreneur who became marketing and operations specialist for a 7 - figure team

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She has always been someone who had her hands in a bunch of different things but knew she was developing her talent for something big.

Now Melissa Caputo embraces being the jill-of-all-trades in her marketing & operations role for Think Media — a 7-figure startup with YouTube expert Sean Cannell & Heather Ana Torres-Goitia.

She put her hand up for a low-level, part time position and turned a side hustle into something bigger. She shares about the most amazing tips for getting hired and how to answer interview questions. I love her advice for reframing mistakes, owning your talent and being ok as an intrepreneur. Melissa is a true gem.

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Connect with Melissa Caputo
Instagram: @themelissacaputo 
Her Think Media Team: @seancannell 


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