The EA to celebrities who coaches how to network with intention

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Let’s be real, pretty much everyone who works behind-the-scenes likes it that way! We’re not out to seek the limelight or want to be instafamous; however we get such satisfaction in helping our clients work toward (and achieve) their business dreams!

Here it comes …BUT we still have to put ourselves out there to get the good clients, the billable hours and career-advancing projects.

Groan with me… NETWORK!

It is all about networking. I teach this. You know this. YOU know you have to help your clients do this on social media and through their content… what you’re probably neglecting is promoting and networking YOURSELF as the service provider.

I’ve invited Ali Jones from to speak to us about networking. She came from the film industry, moved on to the tech industry then to biz coach. She has an amazing story and I am so excited to have her on and share her freebies to help you network better, efficiently, effectively and genuinely.

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