The language arts teacher who transformed into a unicorn #4

Episode 4 Unicorns Unite with Emily Reagan

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Marilee Haynes is a language arts teacher who is already booked out with client work. As a freelancer, she tapped into her writing skills and offers copywriting services – blogs, emails, sales letters, scripts – to clients  in the online space.

Marliee had very specific income goals to be able to quick her 9-to-5 as a teacher and work from home by the end of year. Although she loves teaching and is very passionate about education, she wanted more flexibility to be able to be around for her own three children. She’s going to update us where she’s at and let me give you a hint … it’s very exciting and motivating! You could do this!

She has been one of my top students because of her drive and hunger to make this business work for her family.

Marilee is sharing what she’s learned in her very short journey and her tips for landing the client. Hint: Eating scones may be required.

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If you’re a teacher and you’re thinking about a side hustle with digital services, take a listen to Megan’s story. She’s a teacher who found online work as a facebook community manager (listen here) or Nicole who is a school library/teacher who offers blogging services (listen here).

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