5 must-dos to write a successful quiz funnel aka how not to make your quiz suck(Chanti Zak) | Episode 39

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Admit it, I know you’ve taken a quiz online (probably over on Buzzfeed) that was a total time suck and delivered awful results.

Maybe you even quit in the middle of it due to boredom.

Writing a converting quiz is NOT as easy as it may look. (It took me a few weeks to write mine!!) There’s a reason copywriters charge 5k for a well-written quiz that brings in leads and sales for their clients. Yes, I said 5k!!!

So I’ve invited Chanti Zak (the chef from episode 34) back to our group to share with us her proven framework for writing a good quiz. She’s done this for the bigwigs and last fall she helped me and a handful of other go-getters learn quizzes … the RIGHT WAY.

She’s going to teach YOU the 5 things you have to have to make your quiz a winner. Don’t even attempt to write a quiz until you get her insight.

To learn more about her online program Grow with Quizzes, please check out her program –> https://chantizak.mykajabi.com/a/39138/u9uFLfKH

Her course is open now and closes Dec 2nd, and in full disclosure I’m an affiliate and former student. If you use my link to purchase, I will receive a commission (hello affiliate marketing 101) and I will reward you with a 1v1 coaching session! (TIA)

Even if you don’t buy, join us for this interview and learn her Quiz Writing Tactics!

We won’t let you walk out of here being a boring quiz writer!!!



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