3 BIG things to have in your contract | Episode 38

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You’re not going to jail, but why does anything that have to do with the law seem so scary when you’re in business? Because we don’t want to screw things up, short ourselves on getting paid and end up doing work we never intended to do. For the independent contractor, this is why the contract that makes us so squeamish. But I don’t want this to stop you!

Contracts are so important. They protect us, our work and make sure we’re getting paid. But they’re also a work-in-progress. You’ll get better with your terms and scope of responsibilities as you work with different client personalities and discover what you will and won’t put up with. 

To piggyback off the last episode with a tax and legal expert, I wanted to share with you contract tips to help you write the best one for YOUR business, whether you do monthly retailers, ongoing services or per project work.

Contracts don’t have to be perfect, they are a refinement process. 

Go ahead and download my contract checklist to help you get started: emilyr30.sg-host.com/contract

Links Mentioned: If the legal and tax stuff is keeping you stuck or you’ve already grown your business and ready to fix it and make it legit, look into Braden Drake’s Unf*uck You Business Program:  https://www.bradendrake.com/a/38789/LAsLbCzN.  It’s open through Thursday, Nov. 19.

Braden the legal tax expert from Episode 37 who can help you sort everything out in a group coaching program and deliver solid lessons on contracts. This is ideal for the service provider who is scaling with an agency and subcontractors and/or taking on high-end clients for larger fees or sensitive parts of their business. It’s also perfect for the brand new business owner who wants to set everything up right from the get go. 

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