Copywriting & Quiz Funnels with Chef Chanti Zak #34

Episode 34 the chef who conquered copywriting Chanti Zak Unicorns Unite VA Podcast

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When I first heard Chanti Zak on a podcast I knew I needed to learn from her and find a way to get in her network. She combines two things I love doing for clients: Email list building & Writing.

She does it so friggin’ well.

Chanti has written copy and quiz funnels for 7-figure entrepreneurs and I am dying to know how she got started, how she niched down and where she’s going with her talent.

You’re going to be surprised what her background is in!!! And then totally inspired to own what you’re good at and make it your freelance business. I’m bringing her on the show to remind you we all start small and work our way up.

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