How to find and calculate your client’s engagement rate

Social Media Engagement Rate by Emily Reagan PR

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Engagement rate.

Why does it matter? What’s a good rate?

Find out right here exactly what you need to know about engagement rate, and how to calculate it.

What is Engagement Rate?

It’s the rate of how many people are interacting with your (or client’s) social media content compared to the total number of followers.

Why is it important?

In a nutshell, it will tell you if your audience likes you (or your client) and it also tells you the quality of your audience. Are they legit followers who are your ideal customer avatar? Someone who is loyal to your brand? Are they someone who would buy from you? It matters because the more people engage meaningfully with your content, the more the social media algorithms show your content to new people.

And most importantly, other influencers, brands and businesses will collaborate with people who have GOOD ENGAGEMENT RATES.

What is a good rate?

On Instagram 1-3% is good.

On Facebook 0.09% is average (according to this online report). I’m not sure if I believe that number. For most of my clients, anything above 10% on any post/video we are pretty dang happy with. At about 5% we wonder what happened and doubt ourselves.

How to Determine Engagement Rates

Whip out that handy dandy graphing calculator because you are about to do some math!! I said “some” … ok, very little. But the bigger the calculator the better.

How to Calculate Engagement Rates for Instagram

Instagram does not spoon feed this rate to you via its Insights. Boo Instagram!

So here’s the equation for Instagram Engagement Rate:

# Followers ÷ Interactions = Engagement Rate

(For Instagram, Interactions = Likes + Shares + Comments + Sends/Direct Messages)

There is a debate whether Shared/BookMarkets/DMs should be included but if it’s an interaction, I think you should include it.

Here’s an example of one of my posts that was NOT promoted. At all.

Instagram Social Media Engagement Rates by Emily Reagan PR

At the time I had less than 300 followers…. yeah, I’ve been so busy promoting my clients that I haven’t given my IG the time and I’m just starting to try. (@emilyreaganpr if you want to connect AND engage lol)

So using my tiny numbers (44+ 11 + 0 + ) ÷ 280 x 100 = 19%


Bahaha! Do you believe that? I’m laughing too.

Yeah, so my Instagram looks dead compared to my social marketing peers. And trust me, I have posts that die, but engagement is pretty amazingly above average on that post of me smiling in my home office! But this is exactly why THOSE FOLLOWER NUMBERS DO NOT MATTER!!!!

Do Not Be Fooled.

If you really start paying attention to the engagement rates of brands, influencers and online business owners you may be surprised. And then you’ll stop feeling bad for yourself. Love your current audience. Go for quality vs quantity.

Note: Typically posts of people perform better. As much as some of us don’t like doing selfies and self promoting, people love them!!! LOL

Quality vs Quantity VA Crash Course by Emily Reagan PR

A Quicker Way to Instagram Rates

If you use an Instagram planning tool, like Later, it will automatically break down your post’s performance. In fact, most social media scheduling tools will do this.

Instagram Social Media Engagement Rates by Emily Reagan PR

If we did the math that first one to double check Later…(299+25+72)/12,807 x 100 = 3.09% Pretty awesome.

How to Calculate the Engagement Rate for Facebook

And now put those calculators away…. Facebook just recently updated its Insights for the better… and it’s all calculated for us. So refreshing!!!

You just have to know where to find this new, done-for-you Engagement Rate. Insights > Posts – and change the right side Engagement carrot to be the Engagement Rate. See? It’s hiding.

Facebook Social Media Engagement Rates by Emily Reagan PR

Super easy! So for that same post … I will see the engagement rate easily

Let’s all take a moment to NERD OUT and be happy that Facebook is showing us the easy math!

Now put it to use.

If you are a social media VA use these engagement rates to:

  1. Set Goals… try to beat yourself!
  2. Brainstorm: how can you get more engagement?
  3. Create better content based off what’s working and what’s not.
  4. Fine tune your messaging!
  5. Pitch & Work with Brands as Influencers & Product Promotions.

Once you shift your focus, you will start seeing a difference for your clients!

Ready to move beyond just social media?

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Stay posted for my next insider tips!

-Emily, Digital Media Consultant (and Virtual Assistant …)

Virtual Assistants Tips by Emily Reagan of Emily Reagan PR

Engagement rates on social media are important, but overall they are only one piece of the whole digital marketing puzzle. Successful business owners all want a unicorn VA that can help them focus on the big picture while also helping with all these small key details.

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