Build Your Digital Media Portfolio as a New VA

Creating an online digital media portfolio for VAs by Emily Reagan PR

Lessons from a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant who actually does the work:

There’s one question that I always get asked by new VAs and wanna-be digital media virtual assistants. “How do I get clients when I’m brand new and don’t have the experience yet?” Here’s my number one suggestion to get started: build your portfolio!

Resumes are out – digital media portfolios are in!

You can always tell when someone is brand new to the digital media space because they talk about their resumes. Although your trusty resume might have gotten you through years of traditional office jobs, it’s not going to help you much in digital media. You’re going to stand out, in all the wrong ways!

Instead, you need to build an online portfolio. A space where you can highlight your tech skills, show off your work, and get potential clients asking for more. Clients want to see concrete examples of what you can do and visualize how you will make your skills work for them.

First do the groundwork.

Set yourself up for success right from the start. Make sure you’ve created a brand story of your own, with images, logos and themes that reflect your business goals. Give clients a place to find you: create a business FB page, start your IG account, build a basic website. Use those SEO skills and practice your graphic design with your own business.

It’s so easy to sell yourself short when you’re giving all of your time to your clients. I just talked with Sarah Masci about it – that’s a big reason she moved to day rates instead of ongoing projects with her clients. Her own business was always the first thing she neglected during busy times. And it took a shift in her mental priorities to finally focus on her own growth, and not just her clients’. And that’s when she was really able to level up her business to a higher level of success.

So in your excitement to get started and gain your first clients, don’t forget yourself! You don’t want to deny your own VA business the nurturing it needs. Take the time now to get it right, and set your foundation with your brand and your online presence.

Now you can start to build your digital media portfolio.

So many people get stuck in this roadblock when they’re brand new. If you’ve never had a client before, how can you show off your work? I’m asked all the time whether or not you need experience to work as a VA. And my basic answer is no…but you do have to do the foundation work.

My advice to you, if you’re a brand new VA, is to just start building that portfolio. I always suggest volunteering with a local non-profit, community group, or a friend’s small business. Ask to take over their social media accounts for a couple of weeks, and track your data. Offer to create new images for their Facebook pages or blog posts, and make digital copies. Build a few landing pages and start growing their email marketing lists. Work on cleaning up (or setting up) their Pinterest accounts, and take before-and-after summaries with screenshots.

Now, you do have to be careful with this strategy in the long run. Once you’re established, you’re probably going to have people constantly asking you for free advice and help with everything from image design to website content. It’s important to establish boundaries and protect your own business needs.

But when you’re starting as a VA, volunteering is a great way to get some practice and feel like your hard work is making a difference.

On the other hand, some new digital media assistants prefer to target their portfolio to a specific niche or style. In that case, you can even create a mock client. Think about what your ideal client within your favorite niche might be, and do a mockup of some of the ideas you would create for them. The sky’s the limit – show off all of your creativity. You may not be able to show off concrete data, but you can definitely highlight your strongest skills.

Creating an Online Digital Media Virtual Assistant Portfolio by Emily Reagan PR

My challenge to you: Make it a priority and make your digital media portfolio a reality.

I know this is mental obstacle for a lot of people. New VAs feel a lot of overwhelm about how to get started with a digital media portfolio. And that makes it even harder to pitch yourself to potential clients.

That’s why I created a free 5-day challenge to help brand new and wanna-be virtual assistants. This is a kick-into-gear action plan to help you create an online digital media portfolio from scratch, even if you haven’t had your first client yet.

So if you need the motivation to just do it and build your confidence, join the challenge today!

Need more skills to build your digital media online portfolio? You need my VA Crash Course!

I’ve worked in the online space for years and I’ve realized that these business owners need more unicorn VAs! They need go-getters who can jump into their online worlds and become a virtual sidekick to their biz. I see job leads and VA hiring opportunities posted all the time. These clients are desperately looking for competent, confident, unicorns who can take a lead and run with it.

So I created my VA Crash Course for digital media assistants. This intensive, five week class will give you everything you need to hit the ground running as a new virtual assistant. Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to join my inner network with job connections to put your skills into action right away, with paying clients!

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I hope you’re excited about this opportunity to work from home as a freelance 7-figures in the online space, and are ready to jump in and get started. We’re about to start a whole new group of students in the VACC. This is your opportunity to jump in, get the skills you need, build your portfolio, and make the real-life connections that are a must in the new online world. Don’t keep thinking about the what-ifs and the whens of making your dream come true. Now it’s time to focus on your “why”.

Because this is the course you need to get started working online. Whether you’re a total beginner, or you’re eager to take your current VA biz to the next level, this course is jam-packed full of all of the insider secrets and techie tips that you need. We will cover everything from online business strategies, SEO, social media management, email marketing, affiliate programs, webinar support, and project launches. Normally It only opens a few times a year, but I know that right now so many potential unicorns are eager to get going and start working online from home. So go now and sign up, and you’ll have business owner clients paying you to work from home within weeks.

The Takeaway: Don’t let your fear and hesitation keep you from creating an awesome digital media portfolio.

Dive in TODAY and make your to-do list. Join my five day challenge and commit to following it. Tackle it one step at a time. It doesn’t have to be perfect, because it’s always going to be a work in progress. But with a little intention right now, and a little effort this week, you can get a VA digital media portfolio ready to show off to potential clients by this time next week.

And then you’ll have one giant to-do step checked off your roadmap to success!

If you’re already in my free Facebook group for virtual assistants and digital media marketing VAs, head over there and share your portfolio! (If you’re not, why not?!? Join it right now and get in on the (free) action!)

You’ve got this!

-Emily, Digital Media Consultant (and Virtual Assistant …)


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