Why you must practice copywriting to really learn it and one woman’s story of success.

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This blog was written by my friend Michelle Hunter. I have had several of my unicorns decide to specialize on the copywriting track and/or want to hone in on their writing skills so they can charge more in the freelance world. I am a proud partner of her Virtual Writer course because I have experience firsthand how a virtual assistant with copywriting skills can fast tract in their business and what they charge.  I am sharing a referral link and could her a small commission if you decide to enroll. 

Guest Blog by Michelle Hunter, Digital Marketing Strategist & Copywriter 

Some things are impossible to learn from a book or a video. Some skills require practice and clear feedback from a trusted expert. I know this first hand… 

My grandmother was an experienced knitter. Growing up, I received multiple handcrafted gifts I learned to truly appreciate and cherish as I got older. The custom designed afghan she made in my preferred middle-school color scheme and the 80s style sweater dress with extra long arms to fit my super tall frame are memorable examples.

When Gram passed away, I was hit with a deep desire to learn knitting for myself. I read a few books. I watched a few videos. I read magazines and learned how to read patterns. The whole time, I thought of Gram and imagined myself knitting along just like she did most of my life.

I thought I was ready… until I picked up those needles. Oh boy!!

Some things look easy on a video. They seem intuitive when you read a book written by a master. But they actually take hours of practice to get right. My first sweater is a testament to how difficult it is to learn a new skill on your own. 

Copywriting is just like knitting. You can read about it. You can observe the work of others. But you won’t master it until you practice…and you’ll get better much more quickly if someone gives you clear instruction and practical feedback.

I’m Michelle Hunter. Over the past 8 or so years I’ve built a successful copywriting agency writing web copy, email marketing campaigns, blog copy, and more for businesses of all sizes. I started as a freelancer working with entrepreneurs and I now lead a team of writers and work with corporations and tech start-ups as well as established professionals and entrepreneurs.

I didn’t teach myself copywriting… but I’ve taught lots of other people. I’m ready to teach you.

You see – copywriting is a very needed skill in our increasingly online world. Virtual businesses (and brick and mortar ones too) need to communicate through the written word. They need to market themselves with all kinds of content (think blog posts, podcasts, videos, emails) to get noticed and draw customers to their brand.

Business owners are swamped. Teams are drowning in copy requirements. People are overwhelmed. They need help… they need YOU. 

My copywriting certification program The Virtual Writer is designed to help VAs learn copywriting, practice copywriting, and get the candid feedback they need to master copywriting. It’s my way of coming alongside you and teaching you a very hands-on and practical skill you need to get more clients and charge more for your business.

But listen… I don’t want you to take my word for it. Instead, I asked one of my recent graduates (a certified virtual writer from my program) to share her story and give you candid feedback.

Marilee Haynes is a graduate of the beta round of The Virtual Writer. I met her through the program…and along the way she became a friend. Since graduating, she has had the opportunity to provide copywriting services to multiple clients (she even works as a contractor for me) and has transformed her business.

I asked her to share her story with you…


Why did you enroll in The Virtual Writer?

I love to write and wanted to niche down into copywriting. However, even though I knew my writing skills were strong, I didn’t have the specific knowledge necessary to succeed as a copywriter. I didn’t want to simply figure it out myself… I wanted to learn the right way!

What was it like inside the program?

I was blown away by the practical, actionable content. I learned enough sales psychology to gain a deep understanding of why copywriting is different than any other type of writing…and I learned several specific types of copy. 

The live feedback was immeasurably valuable – I like to learn quickly and feel like I’m making steady progress. Michelle’s feedback was specific, clear, and candid. I knew what I had done well, what needed to improve, and how to improve! Gold!

This program felt more like a workshop than a course. There was none of the distance I feel in most online courses. Making a personal connection with Michelle and feeling her genuine interest in my success in the course were wonderful surprises – and enhanced my learning.

What were your biggest takeaways from The Virtual Writer?

I gained a true understanding of what makes copywriting different from other types of writing, as well as the goals and objectives of copywriting. I learned enough to make me dangerous and start my on the road to becoming a copywriter! I also learned the importance of being brave and jumping in to try something unfamiliar!

How have you put what you learned to use in your life + business?

I have transitioned from being a digital media VA – performing a variety of tasks for a variety of clients – to working solely as a copywriter. My income has increased drastically as has my enjoyment of my work. I’m learning and growing as a copywriter every day! I have flexibility that allows me to do work I love while maintaining the work/life balance I need!


andWould you recommend The Virtual Writer to others?

Without reservation! If you are willing to put in the work, you will experience an enormous return on your investment. All business owners have writing needs and the majority don’t want to write for themselves! Learning copywriting skills means increasing your earning potential and major job security – there is no end to the opportunities as a copywriter!

YOU can become a Virtual Writer. YOU can transform your business with copywriting skills. You just need to practice. 

Copywriting is unlike any other form of communication. It’s a specific skill you can master…but just like knitting, you can’t do it alone. I invite you to join my program The Virtual Writer so I can guide you to realize your potential as a copywriter. You can learn more here.

Michelle Hunter

Owner of Michelle Hunter Creative , a copywriting agency

What does the Virtual Writer cover?

Michell’s live coaching program and course covers 6 core modules in 6 weeks. There are writing assignments and live feedback sessions to help you develop and practice your copywriting skills, while learning the marketing conversation so it becomes second nature. 


Module 1 Intro into Copywriting

Module 2 Writing & Repurposing Blog Posts

Module 3 Brand Voice & Calls to Action

Module 4 Relationship Building with Email

Module 5 Sales Funnels

Module 6 The Copywriting VA


I’ve had 15 of my digital media VA students enroll in Michelle’s Virtual Writer course so that they can confidently write for clients and charge double what a typical VA would charge.

Michelle’s next live session is in January – click here to learn more details about the writing program. 

For many of you freelancers and already-working VAs this is the next level for your business!



I have a great podcast episode with Marilee at the beginning of her journey. Since then she has quite teaching and replaced her full-time salary working half the time. 

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