5 Tasks a Business Can Hand Off to a Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant

Checklist job tasks for clients to give to unicorn digital media assistants by Emily Reagan PR

Lessons from a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant who actually does the work:

So you’ve hired a unicorn digital media VA… someone who can help you out with your business and building your online empire. Now what? Now you need to think about the job tasks that your unicorn VA can do for your business.

One of the many questions I get is…

What can my unicorn VA do?

My business owner peers don’t even know what their unicorn VA could be doing. It’s not fear of asking, it’s just the whole world of the unknown. So I want to help you work through this and understand the potential you have here.

Let’s get one thing straight: when you hire a unicorn you are adding a very capable person to your team. I teach my unicorns to be resourceful and figure it out. They have the online business knowledge, the digital marketing tactics, and the resources to get stuff done.  The #1 hiring trait is their ability to IMPLEMENT.

Always go to your unicorn first to ask what they can do and what they want to learn more about. You have to start there and offer this work to your unicorn first, in-house. If she/he can’t do it, or doesn’t have the firsthand knowledge, experience, time, or capacity, they will offer a solution.

So they could have several different responses once you ask:

1. They know it and can run with it.

2. They’ve done something similar and can quickly adapt to it.

3. They’ll learn it. And not charge for the learning curve if it’s something they can also use for other clients.

4.  Or they can refer you to another unicorn or specialist who can help.

You are not bothering them, or insulting them, by asking them for help. They 100% know that you are overwhelmed and need to delegate. Their job is to be there for you and make magic happen behind the scenes.

MOMENT OF TRUTH: It may not be a task they want to do repetitively for the rest of their career, but for short term they will GET IT DONE. At some point as your team grows, you’ll want to hone in your unicorn’s zone of genius to keep her on your team, and avoid the zone of drudgery.

Just remember. Unicorns are here to say yes.

So don’t be afraid to ask. Their goal is to help you jump the hurdles in your business and make progress towards your goals.

Think about all the job tasks your digital media unicorn VA could do for you and your business…

With all that I’ve already said… here’s what my unicorns know how to do after they take my Digital Media VA Crash Course.

  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization for landing pages and blog posts, keyword research
  2. Installing Google Analytics, Facebook Pix, Google Adsense, Search Console
  3. Blogging Support & Content Creation
  4. Basic+ Graphic Design 
  5. Email Marketing — from building opt-ins, managing ESP, writing emails, and lead gen strategies
  6. Affiliate Marketing 
  7. Facebook for business
  8. Instagram for business
  9. Pinterest & Tailwind for business
  10. YouTube for business
  11. Webinar Support

It’s a lot.

And it will help your business grow and thrive if you take advantage.

Unicorn Bank for clients giving job tasts to digital media virtual assistants by Emily Reagan PR

So if you hire one of my magical, sparkly and brilliant VAs, here’s what you should start delegating first: 

  1. Weekly Emails: not the writing, just the prepping and scheduling to familiarize her with your ESP
  2. Weekly Blogs: get a content plan together: you write it, she preps it, adds graphics, SEOs it, and schedules it
  3. Facebook Community: have her start approving & vetting members, collecting their pain points and emails
  4. Social Media – ease into this. As she gets familiar with your content and voice this is the logical next step. Pick 1 platform to focus on for a start.
  5. Digital Product Support – start handing off the backend of tracking customers, answering invoice and password email requests, access questions, and the random little things that need to leave your brain now

I also encourage you to keep track of the tasks you do and take note of what you can pass on.

Free up your mind and daily clutter to focus on the areas that will grow your business.

And tap into your unicorn VA’s awesome skill set for the rest of the job tasks your business needs.

I talked a lot about focusing on your own genius and delegating the other tasks in my book review of Michael Hyatt’s Free to Focus book.

And if you don’t have time to read Michael Hyatt’s book, the takeaway is that basically you find the things you’re good at and love, and pass on the other stuff. Basic stuff we know as the Pareto Rule, where your business succeeds when you focus your own time and energy on the top 20% of the growth tasks, and let your unicorn handle the rest.

The Takeaway: Take advantage of all the awesome assets that your digital media virtual assistant can offer your business.

Hiring a digital media unicorn VA is the first step you can take to help your business explode. But you’ve got to make sure you’re using it for all its worth and giving your VA job tasks that will help your business grow.

So list out tasks you find yourself dragging your feet on.

Tasks that take up way more of your time than they should.

Figure out things you need to say no to.

Own up to the tasks you suck at.

There, I just saved you the $17.99 from Michael Hyatt’s book. (LOL not really…)

Ask your unicorn to take on the rest, SLOWLY. As she gets to know your business, she’ll be able to anticipate what you need and help you with last minute projects.

I had been working with Jennifer Allwood for almost six years when she came to me frantic on a Friday afternoon needing a book demand presentation for her agent. I was the only one who knew her business well enough and had access to her photos, where I was able to effortlessly throw together a slide deck explaining why publishers should take on her book.

Had I ever done that before?


Am I a unicorn? 


Did she get the book deal?

You bet.

The agent loved what I had done.

If she hadn’t had someone on her team to turn to in a time of need, it could have been a lost opportunity.

Maybe one day your unicorn VA will be helping YOU with your book deal!!!

Love, Emily

Emily of Emily Reagan PR working as a VA at home for digital media business clients

-Emily, Digital Marketing Consultant and Implementer

Emily Reagan is a mom of four, milspouse, freelance digital marketer and Virtual Assistant coach who has helped 400 go-getters, including military spouses, stay-at-home moms, and professional women learn in-demand skills and find flexible remote work as digital marketing assistants and specialists. She’s shared 2,000+ job leads with her freelance marketers & VA community.

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