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So what’s your personality type? Maybe it’s been years since you’ve done a personality type test. Or you just discovered your Enneagram online last week. As a virtual assistant, you need to know what the most popular personality tests are. Plus how they can help match you with your clients. Or if you’re a business owner, a personality test can help make sure that a potential virtual assistant will be a good fit for your brand and team before you’ve signed the contract.

Why are they even used?

At the basic level, most personality “tests” help group people into categories based on their traits and attributes. Maybe you’re super organized and pay close attention to ALL.THE.DETAILS. Or instead you’re very creative and laid back. Perhaps you thrive when you’re working closely with a team. You like to have lots of back and forth conversation during a project. Or maybe you do your best work when you can complete your task on your own. You prefer to only meet back once you have your final results.

Taking a personality type test can be an eye-opening experience. It might help you learn more about how you handle your work strategies and interpersonal relationships. At the least, they are usually fun and entertaining to compare with your friends on social media.

What does that have to do with a VA?

Companies and human resource experts invest thousands each year in tests like these. They need to make sure that they hire someone that will be a good fit for their company. And even small business owners are using them when they add someone to their team. Nobody wants to waste their time with a new team member that just isn’t going to mesh with their business. And sometimes that isn’t obvious after just a phone interview or video chat.

And as a VA, you want to know that you’re working with a client that is a good fit. If you’re super focused on careful planning with clear deadlines, you’re going to be very frustrated with a client who always sends you their content a week past the due date. But maybe you work best in creative bursts of energy followed by a natural lull of downtime. Then you’re going to be stressed with a business owner who expects daily updates and constant progress.

So don’t be surprised if a potential client asks you for your results from one of these personality tests. I’m seeing it more and more in job op ads. As a go-getter unicorn VA, you’re going to look like a rockstar if you can jump right into that conversation.

Recently spotted on a VA job application….

For you business owners out there, finding out your own personality type can also help you build your mission and vision for your work. From crafting your branding design to finding your ultimate niche, it can help you create a real, authentic brand that fits you and feels natural when you promote it. And that’s what your customers want.

Here are four of the most trendy online personality tests for a VA:

1. Enneagram

The Enneagram is based on very old ideas about how we see the world around us, and how we interact with it. It’s become very popular recently on social media, so you’ve probably seen people talking about their personality “type” and their “wing”, or even just posting something like “T3W2” as an abbreviation. There are quite a few online versions of free tests that give you results for your Enneagram type.

2. Myers-Briggs

Myers-Briggs has been a classic personality type test that has been used for years. There are four basic groups of two options each (such as introvert vs. extrovert), that combine to create 16 unique personality types. So, it’s often called the “sixteen types”. You’ve probably seen people refer to themselves as INFJ or ENFP, for example. Not only can you find free tests online, but you can also find guidelines about how you can work and communicate best with other individuals based on each of your personality types.

3. Kolbe

The KOLBE tests prides itself on putting less focus on how you “feel” and instead on how you “act” or “do”. It’s going to help you see how you take action, compared to others. This can be especially helpful in a working client relationship. If you’re struggling to mesh with certain clients or a new VA team member, the KOLBE test can give you insight into how you might have different ways of accomplishing the same tasks.

4. Core Values Index

The core values index, or CVI, is known as the test that focuses on your deepest thinking styles, communication preferences, and fears and strengths. In theory, these are the things that won’t change as you grow and develop in your business life. So, they become a guideline for planning your long term plans and goals around your basic core values. A person’s CVI might be a “merchant-banker” or a “builder-innovator”.

The Takeaway: Play around with personality tests online if you’re a VA

Whether you’re a digital media virtual assistant that wants to gain more clients, or a small business owner that wants to grow, it’s worth a few hours of your time to play around with some of the online personality tests. It’s going to give you insight into your own strengths and needs. And it will help you make better matches before you sign those new client contracts!

The goal isn’t to try to change or hide your personality. Instead, once you understand your work styles and how you interact with people, you’ll get along much better with your clients and team members. And that’s why you’ll be a rockstar!

In fact, this week I’m doing a Facebook Live with Business Coach Jennifer Kim of Balanced Life Coaching about working with clients with different personality types. So take the CVI test for free from her website, and then head over to my FB group on Thursday to catch our discussion for some great insights. If you can’t catch it on Thursday, you’ll be able to check out the replay later in the Facebook group! (Make sure you join the group right now so you can access it!)

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Now let your personality shine!

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