4 LMS Platforms a VA Should Know for Course Creation

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Lessons from a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant who actually does the work:

Right now, online courses are huge in the online space. And that’s only going to grow, as I talked about in this recent blog post. So if you want to be an in-demand unicorn VA, you need to know about Learning Management Systems (LMSs) for content hosting, course management, and launch support.

So here are four of the most popular LMS platforms for e-learning and digital courses that I’ve seen in my career in digital marketing. Including the one I’ve personally chosen for my own course…

Why LMSs and Course Content Are Important

Want to know the key to success as a digital media assistant? It’s building your client’s businesses and ultimately helping them to make more money.

That sounds obvious, but it’s really a lot more complicated then it seems. Because as a unicorn VA, your job is to help your clients work smarter, not harder. And one of the big ways to do that is passive income.

In a nutshell, you want to help your clients build their opportunities for making passive income. That’s money that continues to come in even when they’re away from their business. Something that they can create once, and sell multiple times over and over again.

And online courses are a great opportunity to do that. Of course, your client will still need to do some work over time to produce updates, tweak material, and engage with their course’s students and content. But that’s where you come in as their indispensable VA! And here are some of the tools you can use to make it happen.

Kajabi Logo Creating Online Courses 4 LMS Tools Every VA Should Know by Emily Reagan PR

1. Kajabi

Kajabi is one of the most popular choices for e-learning and content courses out there right now. Spoiler alert: It’s also where I have personally chosen to host my own Digital Media Crash Course for virtual assistants.

Why? Because it is a powerful workhorse. It offers an all-in-one package, everything from email marketing to landing pages, even sales funnels and blog space. It offers an app to your members and course participants, which appeals to many on-the-go potential students. And it also integrates with other systems that you may already be using.

The online set-up tutorials and customer service are fantastic. I aways like to just dive in and learn about new techie stuff on my own, and all of the resources I needed were right there for me as a new Kajabi user.

It is one of the more expensive options. But if you’re serious about growing an online course for the long run, I’ve found that it is worth the investment. Getting your course on the right platform right away is a great way to grow your initial contributions into long term success.

And right now, they’re offering a free 28-day trial if you sign up with this link.

Insider VA tip: That’s my affiliate link. When you are a fan of any company and its products, make sure that you ask about access to their affiliate program(s). It’s a win-win for you and your clients, and for the companies you already use and love. And it usually means that your followers get access to exclusive perks and opportunities, like this free trial.

Kartra Logo - LMS tools for VA course content by Emily Reagan PR

2. Kartra

Kartra is another robust LMS platform that has its fans, too. It’s also one of the more expensive options, but has the ability to wrap a lot of marketing functions into one neat package. Some VAs feel that there’s a steep learning curve, but that once your client has established their account and set up their program, it can serve them for a long time.

Teachable Logo Creating Online Courses 4 LMS Tools Every VA Should Know by Emily Reagan PR

3. Teachable

Teachable is popular because it has a lower price point, including a free option. If you have a client that is just getting started and wants to test the waters of e-learning, but doesn’t need all of the built-in marketing options of an LMS like Kajabi, Teachable could be a good place to start. Its users feel that it is very easy to learn and intuitive, which is helpful if your client is not tech savvy or is intimidated by new digital media programs.

Thinkific Logo - LMS tools for VA course content by Emily Reagan PR

4. Thinkific

Thinkific is another option with a lower price point to consider, and you can also sign up to start for free. Its users feel that it offers more customization than similarly priced options. That’s especially helpful if your client has unique or creative branding and content.

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The Takeaway: Knowing about online course content and LMSs is gold for VAs

If you take the time now to make online course tools part of your digital media toolbox, you’re going to be in demand in the VA world. Whether your client needs help from scratch with a new course launch, or just needs someone to hit the ground running with their successful membership program, you’re going to look smart when you can talk about these different LMS platforms.

So take a look at them now, and you’ll be ready to impress your next potential client if you’re already familiar with the basics of their online course platform. Or if you can throw out a few specific names and ideas for future development if they’re still in the planning stages.

Of course, there are even more options out there – Access Ally, Podia, MemberVault, the Wishlist plugin for WordPress, Mighty Networks, and New Zenler… There’s no way to learn all of them.

So my advice is to pick a few of the most popular choices and get familiar with them. Then if your client has a specific platform in mind, you can do a deep dive then. But it will be a lot easier once you already know the basics of the LMSs and how they work.

So get out there and make it happen!

-Emily, Digital Media Consultant and Implementor

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