Are you looking for extra help from a digital marketing virtual assistant who is organized, resourceful, computer-literate and understands online business?

I teach, train & coach unicorn digital marketing assistants – digital marketing and virtual assistants who can help with social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing and blogging, website updates, podcast management, graphic design, affiliate marketing, general administrative tasks,  etc.

I have a talent pool: my Digital Marketing Workgroup and graduates from my Digital Media VA Crash Course. These freelancers come from different backgrounds, industries, past work experiences and offer a variety of services … making someone out there your UNICORN!

If you’re looking to expand your team and grow your business, love to share your job posting with my unicorns.

$0 cost to you.

My Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant School grads and Workgroup Freelancers know about all of the following tools, platforms and skills:

Search Engine Optimization

Blogging & Content Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Email Marketing

Facebook Strategy + Pixels

Instagram Strategy


Pinterest and Tailwind

WordPress Updates

Live Webinar Support

Graphic Design

Google Analytics

Here's why your first hire should be a Digital Marketing Assistant

I see so many business owners (course creators, e-commerce shop owners, business coaches and online entrepreneurs) who are scared to make their first hire.

They know they need to grow a team and need help (like yesterday) delegating key tasks in their business.

They usually don’t know where to start because they need such a mix of skillsets, masteries, tech knowledge, marketing strategy and admin help.

A general admin VA who needs marching orders is not going to cut it.

What they need is the right person:

Enter: the coveted and highly sought-after
Unicorn Virtual Assistant
(We do exist.)

Got someone in mind?

Consider sending your admin VA or social media assistant through my Digital Media VA Crash Course to learn all these digital marketing skills.

The 5-Week Digital Media VA Crash Course will open soon.